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  1. id say just take two amoxi after you eat, surround urself in an environment YOU prefer throw the air con on, relax, have a friend or gig take care of you for a day or two or pop a bottle and chill with some video games its a flu it will pass, if its a virus Amoxi does help main thing i would suggest skip water, use gatorade or anything similar and stay hydrated with that, and SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP sleep sleep sleep whiskey and tiffy cant hurt ^^ got some "herbal" remedies if you need ^^ hit me up
  2. im cloud and i approve this message go get em dad
  3. ive done nothing different in this piglet sneezy flu thing oh bother but i have noticed myself get kinda pissed when this dude sneezed really hard and juicy on the bts and did NOT cover his mouth after that he couffed a few times i was very glad i wasnt near him cause unlike the dude next to him i woulda said cover your fuckin mouth other then that i got some amoxi stored incase i catch a stomach bug like last year when i was sick for almost a week, but that might have been food poisoning id say just now what is germy and what is not now your body and be healthier when ppl around your are si
  4. yea i been lifting number two pencils a lot lately i think my peks are startin to show it definitely helps doin all these reps with these heavy bottles of 100 pipers that really gets the heart racing and swet drippin i run the mid day obstacle course on the soi ducking and dodging cars, motorbikes, and beggers (the ones you KNOW dont need it) for a morning work out i usually have to do some serious hand to eye cordination work outs with my ps3 on another note i could not pay to work out kinda like i wouldnt pay to go to the oxygen bars in Vegas either i understand the equipment and all that
  5. Your past life diagnosis: I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Mongolia around the year 950. Your profession was that of a entertainer, musician, poet or temple-dancer. Your brief psychological profile in your past life: You were a sane, practical person, a materialist with no spiritual consciousness. Your simple wisdom helped the weaker and the poor. The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation: You should develop self-love and ability to implant hope into hearts o
  6. is about the smartest thing to say when it comes to my fav mushroom delicacies i usually mix a batch with Nestle chocolate (chocolate first heated and melted) pour them into little shape pallets, like fish or bugs or signs and letters then freeze em in the freezer bout 3 hrs hand em out at a fun party ( meaning collective intelligent individuals, ones that dont need "sitters" usually ) sitters being babysitters to help them out of a , oops i ate the whole bag , walk me through this , trip anyway get together, watch the game or video game it consume the treats and after about 40 minutes to a
  7. id ratha have a shot of 100 pipers as far as ive learned in 2 yrs from livin n this amazingly unorganized organized corrupt country b and p sound similar tho i might b wrong cause im trying so hard to learn thai for me learning french and SPANISH was way easier ( understanding that they use the ENGLISH alphabet ) but when tryin to learn thai ( not only does it look like chicken scratch ) but sentences seem to run together meaning there is no space and even at that the L's r kinda mexican n a way that they can roll or sound like R's? am i wrong? krap'krab'caP' CAB rak khun mak maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. what's your record? 16 hours from a flight from the CHI chicago to tokyo i dont like using public bathrooms from planes, buses, trains, to malls so i held my piss the whole flight daaaaaaaayum
  9. Robot Chicken is that **** for real but on adult swim late at night a few years back n would only be about 13 to 15 minutes an episode still FUNNY as *** and makes fun of everyone with all kinds of weird n funny **** damn i love that show also Aqua Teen Hunger Force thats **** raw too
  10. damnit! there goes my WEEKEND AT BERNIES :wink:
  11. ...That should be on the home page ...I have had my heart broken many times on here ..79 But just think of the fun you had while it was breaking....couldn't have hurt that much.... tf taxi cab confessions lol i love reading these kinda threads
  12. EITHA YA SELLIN ROCKS OR YA GOTTA WICKED JUMP SHOT damn i miss biggie 18 yr old is kinda good
  13. both get a sword lets settle this! Afro samurai style!
  14. hes right on both counts ever try ChangWattana Mall? or Bangkapi Mall? Not even just on friday or saturday but EVERYDAY also if your bored go ride the BTS or MRT for a while.... you see many cuties stay away from the "ewwwww" spots n youll be fine try a park, alot of very attractive girls both ASIAN and other can b found there or try one of the sexy islands
  15. happed to me, i just restored it to a few days earlier n it was fine i dunno, but im sure there is a way good luck
  16. MJ is an ICON and legend and no matter what he did outside the studio i love his music
  17. Surprisingly an awesome film. Surely the best film ive seen this year and most of last year as well. Now just waiting on 2012 and Shanghai hopefully October will bring some thriller horrors toochaiyoooooooooooooooo
  18. Surprisingly an awesome film. Surely the best film ive seen this year and most of last year as well. Now just waiting on 2012 and Shanghai hopefully October will bring some thriller horrors toochaiyoooooooooooooooo
  19. Someone must have fed her some Coca Cola and MSG right before she got in there... :roll: so healthy of them haha
  20. or flyin on a lil cloud all goku style actually id like to fly one of the BLUE JAYS dems is some serious fighter jets
  21. Gambling (actually I'd legalise everything... I believe in the right to choose) Buying a bespoke suit from an.... Indian teenager or Italian tailor? Indian teenager. London or New York? Oh def New York (no cockneys) arab strap or prince albert? :twisted: i agree with the NY thing - you never see this cockiness n attitude from them like u do here in bangkok, nothing against Indians or anyone really its just that ******* high nose ' better than thou art **** -- i almost got into it two weeks ago but my friends cooled me down, n im never the type to go outta my way to start a fight its just
  22. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :puke_right: :puke_right: :puke_right: :puke_right: No need to prove it with a picture...he just flew over and kissed me...twice....then flew back home. Now I broken heart. awwwwwwww no worry mr admin; me long time lover, not like these long time promises/short time realities long time lover with many loves....... :wink: how very dare you!!! I am strictly a one admin guy!!! :wink: oh gee thanks dad! now what am i supposed to tell the kids at school!
  23. i gotta say boeing yea everything that goes up comes down (usually) n there is a chance for crashing yet id say flyin is still the safest way to travel just a shitty way to die if it did happen
  24. Enchated come knock on your door now ! haha then I would let her in and hand her a nice cup of warm tea I do like her greetings too.Great words. then we all sip tea n paint nails n braid hair omg like totally YEAAAAAAAAAAAAa come on girls ^^
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