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  1. Oh yeah I forgot the question. But your question is omg....Hmm I'd say it's not that often, not every time that I chat with my baby LOL TRUTH: What was the grossest thing that you have ever eaten? :? Without a doubt farang p*ssy........... kidding, dog was nice till i discovered it was dog, then it became gross wtf on both counts dude! :roll:
  2. i agree, i dont know how ppl got like that. its not just here but in many other places around the world its almost like a sence of givin up on each other thats sad im always around Bang Na or Hua Mak im glad i didnt go out today cause i was being lazy that would upset me as well
  3. colonic... for that squeaky clean feeling. (need to answer a few other posts... yes I enjoyed the deep-fried Mars Bar. It's not a Ferarrri in the picture... it's a Peugeot 205cc.... and it looks like the stupid hairdresser bint driving the Peugeot was responsible.) No Sex forever or No Music forever? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: pass (that's just a dilemma too far) No Music forever ... (No offend Iain_D.) Last 20 baht in your pocket Give it to beggar ? or Go buy an ice cream ? give it to a begger thats missing some limbs or has some serious skin problems NOT the fake blind or hold u
  4. now an exploding camel toe would be bloody impressive!!! :shock: or just plain bloody and nasty as hell just say no to the TOE and the FUPA
  5. I do this anyway... world peace or x-ray specs x ray vision all day roller coasters or wave runners
  6. this is some good **** right here
  7. :shock: you're doing a great job , I must say! why thank you my assistant spell checker but on a serious note, i type that way on purpose n that school is garbage at least the education being taught from there is n you can ask around im far from the only student who feels as such
  8. bring me back something special ^^ like what? bullet from Burmese Soldier that shoot from Burmese to Thailand? touche!!!! that would be an excellent souvenir babe hook me up! i was thinkin more on the ....... nevermind actually a bullet would be great :wink: :wink:
  9. ahhhhh yes the ever so lovely England (thanks for flying church of england.... cake or death?) and the ALWAYS THERE WHEN U NEED US France (sure to have ur back...... after fish n chips tho) *BIGGGGGGGGGGG BREATH IN* yea ima need a cigarette for this
  10. these event look like a fun n funny time too bad im a nightwalker damn daywalkers
  11. 10 9 8 and 3 are my ****!
  12. surprising how much men know about that crimson wave 0.o
  13. As a Pharmaceutical consumer I have to say - I believe the FDA and most major and minor drug companies are not doing a good job and I think the FDA is 100000000 % about the money n profits at the expense of everyone. But some of the yummy yum yums they put out are just so tasty lolz but there is a part of me that believes there should be a little more OVER the counter drugs in USA such as antibiotics, inhalers, some anti depressants n other essentials that should be easy to obtain for those who may need them. I think Thailand has that part right but I really dislike their campaign against pai
  14. YEP YEP YEP just ask the fungi i mean mushrooms growing happily in my closet theysssss soooooooooooo puuuuurrrrtttttyyyy gives me the giggles like the pic above is fukin halarious you have mushrooms growing in your closet that give you the giggles??? :shock: :shock: (send me some :wink: ) the laws in Thailand make me a bit to edgy for that tho i hear in the a lot of areas in the South you can legally have mushroom shakes aroi mak maaaaaaaaaaaaaak
  15. WTF! You can read my mind! :shock: Had Cage in my mind, too. Con Air.. but don't ask me why. worse... Knowing (the movie) or Nicolas Cage's hair line? id have to say his stupid a$$ SAME character acting in every fuckin filme he does knowing wasnt suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper bad so im sayin his ugly a$$ mug with that ugly a$$ hairline subway or quiznos :wink:
  16. Assumption University ABAC at Hua Mak campus is **** - school looks nice, but the the way its run it such an insane fuckin headache. no one tells anyone anything n it seems most no one knows what they r doing the area is gross, the teachers r drunk ass children usually no older then 22 or 23, dont teach for ****, n if they do their grammer n spelling exspecially when they write TESTS is horrible ( i kno mine is but i do it on purpose when i type ) the few older teachers are all sleezy thai or farang, they all wanna ***** the students ..... and do dress code is ok seeings they all adopted th
  17. Opto is such a pu$$ now i still need them "average" measurement ladies ^^ im thinkin more like robo cop lol old skool but with a innocent look but enuff power behind the thrust to kick some serious ass if need b but it will look alot more like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV4O8DJN7wk&feature=related im also hopin to make on that looks like Rikku and the chick with purple hair from DOA and maybe Megan fox or Evangeline lilly n strickly girl parts from here on out the last models got raped by a bunch of tf'rs i knew u were a strange bunch!
  18. Oo.Cloud.oO

    Nose Job

    cocaine does wonders i hear
  19. Oo.Cloud.oO

    Father's Day

    Happy Daddy day Dad Iain
  20. considering they can push out a baby.... its a matter of how they adjust during intercourse. does she adjust a lot or an extra lot. thats the issue at hand so you cant really blame them im talkin average wide, depth estimates ppl im buildin something here an artificial vagina perhaps??? :twisted: Nope a ladyboy Asimo robot only it'll have all average size parts of both genders great stockin stuffers for xmas im callin this THE BANGKOK PROJECT lolz Asimo the hermaphrodite gay lesbian robot with ACTUAL SIZE parts for kids
  21. US of A. Air conditioner or fan? In the US OF A i would choose and Air con but in Thailand (lately now that im adjusted) i would have to choose for fan for less expensive and air cons here really piss me off Lake Fishing or Deep Sea Fishing Lake fishing (out of sheer laziness). Fiction or non-fiction books? fiction love or sex? LOVE Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 (ps3!)
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