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  1. Ms Hatton was my fav teacher growing up she was at my middle school in Florida, then moved on to the high school the same year i did and i had her 2 more years great science teacher, always let me slide i her class but cool none the less, helped me out in a few personnel probs too and science study great teacher when i was growing up but lol i got this super hot Chinese teacher at ABAC lol well i HAD her for a teacher, but i dropped that class because its English anyway no names but she could get it and get it real good! lol
  2. THEY HAVENT BLINKED IN AN HOUR, CREEPY occasionally they just go...... FUCKIN NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i had to do it
  3. Is pretty big in UK too. Charlie Sheen has a big fan base in Possilpark in Glasgow as he scored a heap of coke there when filming a movie here. :shock: was that a Sheen joke wow hahaha
  4. Oo.Cloud.oO

    To my love :)

    ur blue tang will be just fine.... dont over feed it ok!
  5. keep ur head up vady ull do just fine
  6. Oo.Cloud.oO

    Breast biopsy

    good luck n i hope its nutthin to worry about but seems u did the right thing n found it early so if it was or is sumin u can remove it paracetamol? is this what all thais run too for pain? did ur doctor offer any painkiller prescriptions or is this the normal thing? efffffffffffff that if ur hurtin get some vicodin but good luck finding that here in Thailand, strongest **** i found was xanex n Valium n for pain? this aint worth it but for sleep or anxiety bottoms up lol
  7. you can find really really old maps on national geographic website and im sure alot of others seems siam was bigger ( or at least ppl made it bigger on the older maps of the world and south east asia hmm interesting indeed good learning
  8. shhhh go back to sleep sleep sleep Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz .o0O dreamin that America is the best place on earth ahhhh the dreams awwww to bad i made my home here in Thailand..... ^^
  9. Today is Aung San Suu Kyi's 64th Birthday, June 19th and her 14th without freedom. wtf so lets giver a pizza or at least let er get laid geeeeeeeeeeezh
  10. To my american friends who arent hypnotised zombies from fox or cnn or aljazeera, msnbc, bbc.... WHATEVER dont think for one second all the **** goin on in iran cant happen on our front lawn some times i kinda wonder why they seem to b cleanin all the guns up in the major cities? fortifying police stations, national gaurd stations and even fire stations ... and seem to stop buildin schools .... but everywhere seem to be building new jails, prisons, correctional facilities, n asylums? and why new legislation is being throw around n ppl care more about, swine flu or some celebs vag on the tv?
  11. yea i kno what the result was duh just laughin at the choices :wink:
  12. Oo.Cloud.oO

    Company trip

    awwwwwwwwwwww looks like u had a great time love the pics
  13. i would say there is a difference in addicting habits and mental illnesses
  14. Oo.Cloud.oO

    Kissing test...

    id b nercous that she had herpes on her lip cause that **** on her lip has some **** on its lip! lolz
  15. i would fit in to that "a lot" category i got jaws ok movie, when i was young, personally i like the ride at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida better then the Jaws movies that list is a bit..... hmmmm but 3 of em on there are classics not favs i guess
  16. Tonia, do you know if they allow people to just come in and play? I'm never in Bkk enough to pay for a membership. usually they wont mine, i know... its a bit hot outside for my american flesh, and sometimes at night i still would rather avoid most mosquito's so yea most places (indoor) usually wont mind at all, helps to walk in with a thai or at least speak some at the most i suppose theyd charge you 30 or 50 baht but i dont think that money would go to the court ^^
  17. yup.... like they say ~gotta keep em seperated~
  18. Oo.Cloud.oO


    seems if i make any plan even for a few hours from now, theres an 85 to 90 percent chance something comes up or happens n screws it up so i go where the wind takes me
  19. i remember a movie called Tank Girl she was hot..... "then"
  20. its sooooooooooooooooooomething u dont wanna kno whats it ^^ 55555
  21. Oo.Cloud.oO

    advice, plz?

    pizza ( or his fav food ) a few good movies or sports on the tube his fav vice - i.e. drink, smoke, pop, shoot.... whatev then blow em n be real silent for about 6 hours ...... *homers voice* uhmmmmmmmmmmm yeaaaaaaaaaaa
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