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    Surprisingly an awesome film. Surely the best film ive seen this year and most of last year as well.  Now just waiting on 2012 and Shanghai   hopefully October will bring some thriller horrors toochaiyoooooooooooooooo
  2. Oo.Cloud.oO
    I was just on youtube and i found this and it really just drives me insane. I really hate how this happens daily and never gets heard about.... maybe this guy deserved it, maybe not.Police in America have a huge huge huge intimidation factor back home in the states and seem to get away with anything. Not saying police here are any better. But in USA  it just...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr What do u think?Anyone have an experience with a**hole cops? Ive had plenty! Some i should have took to civil court against the Chicago PD but feared of it bringing more drama then solving any.
  3. Oo.Cloud.oO
    Hey again TF world? Whats happening?I been recording vids for my utube channel, but im not sure how i want my channel to be. I havent uploaded any untill i figure out my angle. Any ideas?I was thinking of.... just silly comedy news reviews, ps3 game reviews, ranting, comedy parodys, video journals, or doing a documentary of how life is for me here in thailand to show like a cultural difference or just to see the difference of life in another country for my american friends back west. Any other ideas out there? What do yall think I should do? Thanks 4 readingwww.myspace.com/mindframe25
  4. Oo.Cloud.oO
    I brings the rain again! here in lovely bangkoklol vampire cityall of you i know it! anyway hey for FRIENDS who wanna kno or keep upthen catch me here - dont add if u dont keep contact k rock on peace
    www.myspace.com/mindframe25 www.youtube.com/harshfate www.twitter.com/Fujillaz  
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    its raininits pouring the old man is snoringgot outta bedbumped his headand could'nt get up in the morning    Yo its gonna RAINing here at Rama III next to the Rama 9 bridge (why do they put the 9 bridge on the 3 road? does this confuse you too?) I love the rain, ima go swimmin in the outdoor pool on my Apt BuildingHope everyone has an awesome rainy day and i hope the season of RAIN is way cooler and worse then last year!love the rain! for those who hate rain,sorry hope u stay dry
  6. Oo.Cloud.oO
    4 ppl killed .... so farAbout a dozen wounded and not sure of number of hostages Binghamton New York USA An immigration building, during a US citisenship test they "believe" an asian man began shooting up the place. but as CNN is always updating and changing tune in now to get the details garunteed to b NEWS for the next week im sure  sad sad stuff  
  7. Oo.Cloud.oO
    Thanx for the fix up fellasI was wondering why it wouldnt save or even allow me to delete the entry itself.Sometimes i can b a super gump. Forrest that is.  Heres my entry from two days ago..... edited, just a bunch of random questions.
     Ive been making it a mission of mine to do new things ever since my birthday last year. Lately ive catch myself fallin into doin the same ol things weekly.SOOOOOOOOOOOCould anyone tell me- -Where can i go paintballing?! and anyone wanna go? i miss it!-Where can i sky dive or buji jump around here? Ive never done either in my life but i would prefer to sky dive. I dont seem to trust bunji jumping.-Where can i see a bowling ball show? That ping pong **** seems too simple, and disgusting.... i say hey go for the gold!-Where can i see a bunch of tigers and get my pic taken? i see a million ppl with these pics and damnit i want one too! lol -Ive never been scuba diving, aint that a ***** i grew up in florida. Wheres the best experiences here in thailand and most of all WORTH IT?-Is there a skating rank, or even laser tag arena in thailand? and if not does anyone wanna go half on one? 50/50 great business-And good nature walks or safari type things around? Not some lame touristy walk, but some real national geographic ****, as in someone is likely to get raped by a snake or something.-Why does every farang i speak to have something to say about america, usually negative, and theyve never ever been? -My best friend decided to ***** out on me, and leave to go to USA for the next month or so, (hope u read this u ****) so im wondering whats everyones plans for SONG KRAN? I had a mission to get tipsy and shoot everyone for revenge of last year being my first time.-Finally where can i work that dont involve teaching english?
     -The day i wrote this, i was bored and looking for something to go and do.Something besides..... touristy bullshit, statues, landmarks ive seen, Jat tu Jak, or Parks, and definetly sick and tired of walkin around malls UNLESS it involves movies or food.   
  8. Oo.Cloud.oO
    As much as i hate politics, and as much as i dislike Obama and  the millions (i do mean millions) who know nothing about his policies or his agenda and blindly support him causehey he talks good looks good lies goodand hes black, and ofcourse hes only real competition was kinda f**ked as well.
    HOWEVERjust now he ENDED the last Administrations BAN on funding for stem cell research.I think it was beyond a great desicion and more so im glad that this administration will focus alot on science. What do u think? <----  p.s. that bail out plan is garbage.... and **** u if disagree, go read a book lol and stop watching fox news - try the daily show with jon stewart ( yes im joking but its more real than most media out there )   
  9. Oo.Cloud.oO
    So, Ive lived here in Bangkok for a little over a year and a half. No family and support just on my own. Its been an adventure n ive grown to love it. I feel i lived and seen and tasted and experienced things most americans never do. From my trips to Isaan, Laos, Cambodia etc. I could never imagine living anywhere else except asia. Not just Southeast Asia. But anywhere. I love this place. (Japan is awesome) But Thailand is in a strong second place!That being said.... it seems so fuckin impossible to find a job here. AND BY JOB- i dont mean teaching, and i dont mean dressin up in a tie and sittin at a desk. No offense to anyone O.o  Nothing wrong with those jobs. I just hate em personely. Ive attempted this teaching **** a few times. While it seem to be the ONLY fuckin job in bangkok for american farang, its so far from my fuckin taste i wanna scream. Just ranting, i guess, but honestly, the most income ive earned was teaching a few ppl some conversational bullshit, or selling some stuff, or being an extra in a movie or commercial.Any advice here? Ive worked very hard since i was 14 in the states. Mostly construction, roofing, machinest, and manual labor in factorys. Im used to actually doing something and getting paid. Not sitting down at a desk all day pretendin to work or "teaching" either. I study now, but i need to get some income or i wont b able to afford to stay in college here.Any advice? serious advice? just a point in the right direction would help.maybe if i was mexican? haha   
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