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  1. id say just take two amoxi after you eat, surround urself in an environment YOU prefer

    throw the air con on, relax, have a friend or gig take care of you for a day or two or pop a bottle and chill with some video games

    its a flu it will pass, if its a virus Amoxi does help

    main thing i would suggest

    skip water, use gatorade or anything similar

    and stay hydrated with that, and SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

    sleep sleep sleep

    whiskey and tiffy cant hurt ^^

    got some "herbal" remedies if you need ^^ hit me up

  2. yea its probably the economy crisis

    or piglet flu

    might wanna start there


    no no, ok

    ech ech ehmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Behind every dark night there is a brighter day!


  3. good luck n i hope its nutthin to worry about but seems u did the right thing n found it early so if it was or is sumin u can remove it


    is this what all thais run too for pain? did ur doctor offer any painkiller prescriptions or is this the normal thing?

    efffffffffffff that if ur hurtin get some vicodin but good luck finding that here in Thailand, strongest **** i found was xanex n Valium n

    for pain? this aint worth it but for sleep or anxiety

    bottoms up


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