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  1. Some more nice pics of you, my sweetheart!

  2. Why don't you post any pics of your kid here ?

    1. Admin_2


      There are tons of my kids' pics. Check my blog. My profile even has one of Jazz.

  3. Great pics you posted here, my sweetheart!

  4. arlai2

    Heart attack...

    oh oh!!! นี่แหละชีวิต
  5. Thanks for joining the Good Music group, honey! It's always good to have my wife close to me!

  6. Honey, you always can trust me, I have given you the proof during the last ten years! Never ever I would cheat on you! Love you mak mak, my sweetheart!

  7. How can I trust people who always online ? (Never ever). How can I meet the one who is truly love me?

  8. Oh, and by the way: Although it is one of the smaller devices, typing is easy, even for my thick fingers!

  9. Setting up and getting familiar with the new phone you presented to me, my sunshine! Thank you very, very much for this great present! Love you mak mak, my sweetheart!

  10. I bought Sony Xperia neo V for you.

  11. www.comfixclub.com/เล่น-line


  12. www.comfixclub.com/เล่น-line


  13. Is it the right one? I will send you later.

  14. I bought sony xperia neo V

  15. Honey, I do always love you and my status regarding this you can see on my "About me" page! Please read my private message to you! Love and Kisses, my darling!

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