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  1. travelraven

    how to propose a guy

    It depends who is the girl...to somebody it looks unusuall, but I dont think so.Personally, I dont like this formality, normal ppl who love each other will agree about everything without this theatrical moments:))) Dear Soda, is time come for this????
  2. Nice vids, I enjoy it...Thnx to sharing ur moments with others
  3. Hbd to dear Kunny..funniest girl from TF:)))
  4. travelraven

    Similan Island

    Very nice pics...and gal who took it:)
  5. My life is very happy at the moment and I wish everyone around me happy as well. So, Please leave me message if you need any help. I will do my best to be your friend. Its from your profile..we dont know each other, but I am glad to see happiness arround...and yes, life is change, we will die if we do same thing each day, year by year...sometimes, when I remember myself in age of 20, I think that I dont know this person ))
  6. Btw, here is also official national holiday (Serbia) ))
  7. Yeah..but here, it turns on florist day....man go arround and buy a tons of flowers....My friend, who got flower shop, always asuper happy on this day ))
  8. Sitting on the river banch and just staring at water...being drunk like pig on some noisy concert...meditate in early morning, after doing yoga asanas...travel in faraway destination...thousands of thing can make me happy, because life is just only one, and time runs so fast...so...enjoy every moment:)))
  9. Good relationship...many try to explain, but - when u saw perfect couple, u simply know - that is IT...and dont need to xplain...I know, I had a perfect...IT )
  10. travelraven

    Suggestion needed.. :D

    Well...that pic I saw on FB was telling everything..and nothing...xcept u have great time there LOL:)
  11. travelraven

    Back in Norway

    Norway looks very pretty...on pics...nice to visit, but I never want to live there...but, offcourse, some ppl do...Thnx for sharing it:)
  12. As someone who practice massage, I KNOW that will help u...any kind of massage, thai or oil...ajurvedic...so many kinds of massage, and if therapeutist good...it will help..soon u will be well:)
  13. After graduate...find a millionaire...become rich )
  14. What the f*ck important if he fat and no money? Love has no boundaries hee:))))
  15. travelraven

    Lovely Couple

    Many couple married this year, Is this new trend? If so, who is going to be next? And who is going to beat 10.10.10…. Soda, u will be the next:)))
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