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  1. Its ok Babyoyi, nothing against you and I know what you mean. Its just that I do really wanna know more about Thai culture before going there ... nothing else ... And LakeGeneve your french is pretty good and funny by the way..
  2. First I wnna say how come people are usually so mean!!!!! I delte the other one becoz I didn't know where i can post this kind of topic... Thanks Admin for your response, I am here for work as an engineer in Bangkok, I just need some advices about Thai cuture, place to live, and tips like that
  3. Hi everybody I am new here. My name is Gaetan and I m coming from South of France. I will go to Bangkok next week for a 7 months period. I never been there before and I dont know anybody there. So I came here to meet some people from Bangkok or even Thailand who can introduce me to Thailand s world.... Hope to see you soonnn Bybye
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