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  1. It ain't just the bar girls. And it isn't just the girls doing the lying.
  2. especially the ones wearing sneakers and fake rolex watches on sukhumvit
  3. Perhaps, that is not the nasty side of Buddhism but simply the nasty side of certain people who happen to be Buddhist.
  4. but only through sheer weight of numbers... Thai women, if they are attractive (well, sometimes even the not so attractive ones), have much more opportunity. Lots of freaks, suckers and fools pacing along farang highway.
  5. Sometimes on Tuesday...
  6. I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to. Jimi Hendrix
  7. I noticed that....not entertaining anymore I agree. it WAS a good week on TF
  8. Are ya jealous? Maybe they should shop for a better job or become better time managers. Their incompetence is not my problem.
  9. Maybe one of those ladies who told me where to go in no uncertain terms will **** your brains out and release some of that stress for ya. THIS post was brought to you by Ramses Condoms. It keeps the HIV out! We encourage safe sexual habits at Silk Roads and Siamese Smiles. Remember to wrap it up. My apologies for the rip off.
  10. LG, was it a stressful day at the office? Go get a drink or get laid. :roll:
  11. Oh, actually, it's two simple conversations that you want to turned into arguments. Oh yeah, but, it's my fault. That's it.
  12. Preacher G, you're the one who is arguiing here. You took a joke and made it into an argument. Now, you are blaming me for it. ya know what irks me is people who won't take responsibility for their own actions. Most of our interactions is you jumping in on a conversation and arguing with me. I have no problem with you not preaching at me or arguing with me. Feel free to ignore me all you want. A joke about football became an international crisis with you and you want to blame me for it. Amazing. :shock: ******* mind boggling. But coming from you, I'm not at all surprised. Did you ever find those gals that I was stalking. Oh excuse me, they "told me where to go in no uncertain terms" because I said hello to them. Oh, but now, I'm afraid of TF ladies. That's why they told me "where to go in no uncertain terms." Because I was afraid of them. Make up your ******* mind.
  13. How can you tell that the Toothbrush was invented in Kentucky? Anywhere else and it would have been called a "Teethbrush."
  14. Ok. First of all, as usual, you are taking a joke and taking it into the realm of the serious. The why don't they call it feetball was a J....O....K....E. Are you that daft or did you lose your sense of humor in Africa. Go out and rent a sense of humor. It's basketball not rocket science. You know about enough about the sport to prove that you know absolutely nothing about the sport. Go back and read those pamphlets that I put above. Hell, it's got pictures if you can't read. Since you are an attorney, I assumed that you could read. Get some glasses if you can't see the pictures. The act of shooting takes two hands in all cases but the one handed dunk and the lay up. TWO HANDS TWO TWO NOT ONE BUT TWO Ask James Naismith. But, again, don't let me stop you. Do what you do. Preach on brother. I didn't think anyone was dumb enough to think that the "feetball" comment/question was a serious remark. Proved me wrong on that one.
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