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  1. Congrats on making the move over. I'd definitely recommend taking some Thai language classes when you arrive. Don't wait or else you'll probably put it off for too long. I assume you got a job already?
  2. There hasn't been too much change since this has happened, especially now that the curfew is midnight until 4 am. There are still a bunch of clubs that stay open very late, and I think some livers have gotten a bit of a rest. It's tough to keep Bangkokonians down!
  3. Hi! How are you?
  4. Nice to meet you, Beau!
  5. true. Six people have died in an explosion at a shop on Lat Pla Khao Soi 72 in Bang Khen. Five died on the spot in the explosion at a junk recycling shop about 12.50pm. The blast demolished the building and started a large fire. Body parts were found as far as 200 metres from the scene. Fourteen more people were reported injured as of 1.30pm, according to Erawan medical centre. Before the explosion, a construction worker sold what he said was a 500 pound World War Two (227kg) bomb to the shop. A shop employee tried to cut open the bomb using a gas-torch, sparking the explosion, reports said. Police said the explosion left a crater four metres wide and three metres deep where the shop once stood. Several nearby houses were also damaged by the blast, they said.
  6. I'm a halfie too, but you might be able to guess from my name here that I'm not half Thai. There are plenty of halfies or "luk krungs" out there. You just have to find the right social circles to meet them. Reading and writing Thai would help tremendously as I'm sure there are many forums in Thai on exactly this topic. One initial idea is to google around for alumni pages from different international schools. I work at ASB, and there are tons of halfie students and alumni. Once you find them, how you choose to interact with them is up to you. However, I wouldn't do the "I'm a halfie too! We should be best friends because we share the same story!" approach. Also, it might help to tell us your age. Good luck!
  7. Sounds like a great way to meet some classy chicks!
  8. Guys mount Go Pros on Syria...during war.
  9. Bangkok: First Time
  10. I think to anyone that is on the ground, it's not that dangerous. But as you say, safety should be measured in levels since it's not black and white. William Heinecke has every reason to fight what governments are saying. The main reason is that it's hurting his business! I can't really blame him or the governments for their differing viewpoints as each side has it's own job to do. That being said, who's right? In my opinion, both sides are exaggerating too much. A government can't sit back and tell people to make up their own minds, and people like Heinecke have to be proactive in trying to get business back up sooner rather than later. Do I think it's relatively safe? Yes. Would I bring my kids to the protest sites? Hell no. I had a meeting at Asoke last week. I went through the checkpoints, kept my head down, and got to where I needed to be, but I didn't like one second of it. Barely a few hundred "protestors" were there, yet they were blocking the entire Asoke intersection. It reminded me of when you get ants in your kitchen. You hope they go away on their own, but they aren't that bad. After a while, however, something needs to be done.
  11. Always use a metered taxi. Just stay away from jetskis. If she is too beautiful, she's probably a man.
  12. Anal won the gold in playing hockey yesterday.
  13. 2 children died in a grenade attack in Bangkok. They were sisters, and I can't imagine how the family feels right now. RIP.
  14. Too bad Ciaran isn't still here. He would be a great target.