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  1. wish you the same.....Hug and kiss )

  2. Thanks for your New Year wish Soda, hope you have a happy and prosperous 2012 in your new home xx

  3. Happy New Year !

  4. Paris Hilton and her new bf checked into a top LA hotel on a Friday night and weren't seen again until Monday morning - they gave a completely new meaning to the term "a weekend in Paris"
  5. What do David Beckham and a Rolex watch have in common? They both come in a Posh box
  6. Wannita, welcome to TF, hope you have a lot of fun here. BTW, I think you'll find that 28 September is Libra not Virgo - it's the same date as my daughter.

  7. Great pic and I am sure you like it!

    Me too! :)

  8. Belate Happy Birthday darling, I never forget your BD but i kind of busy with my visa these days because the embassy problem which upsetting me so much. I wishing you the best darling. Take care xxxxxxx :)

  9. Hey Rod, I had no idea we shared a birthday - have a good oner pal

  10. Hello Dear, hope you doing ok na ja....and this time i promise I will not miss your BD...hehe...Sorry but hope you don't mind because I am not young anymore and i have problem with memory....lol..... Have a great week...XX :)

  11. So sorry, darling, my mistaken I thought that you were told me that you were born on May 1 so i jotted down at my calendar hehe so shamed darling you have to understand i'm an old lady who have problem with her mental lol..... well then i will give you a greeting birthday in the end of this month....XX :)

  12. PeterH61 has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 20%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  13. Hello dear Soda. Thank you so much for your birthday greeting, I really appreciate the kind though. Of course, it would have been more enjoyable still if you'd sent the greeting at the right end of this month - my birthday is on the 30th of May!! But I am genuinely grateful for the sweet thought

    your loving friend

    Peter xx

  14. ็Hi Darling, Hope you doing great at this moment because it is your birthday! So i wish you have a great Happy Birthday and Long Live Peter! XX :D

  15. no need to say thanks ja I should have say that to you na because you are such a nice guy :)

    Have a nice day XX :)

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