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  1. Thanks for your New Year wish Soda, hope you have a happy and prosperous 2012 in your new home xx

  2. Paris Hilton and her new bf checked into a top LA hotel on a Friday night and weren't seen again until Monday morning - they gave a completely new meaning to the term "a weekend in Paris"
  3. What do David Beckham and a Rolex watch have in common? They both come in a Posh box
  4. Wannita, welcome to TF, hope you have a lot of fun here. BTW, I think you'll find that 28 September is Libra not Virgo - it's the same date as my daughter.

  5. Hey Rod, I had no idea we shared a birthday - have a good oner pal

  6. PeterH61 has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 20%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  7. Hello dear Soda. Thank you so much for your birthday greeting, I really appreciate the kind though. Of course, it would have been more enjoyable still if you'd sent the greeting at the right end of this month - my birthday is on the 30th of May!! But I am genuinely grateful for the sweet thought

    your loving friend

    Peter xx

  8. Lovely new picture Lyna - let me know how life is treating you xx

  9. Soda, thanks for visiting and voting - I'm so lucky to have you as a friend xx

  10. Hi Jaybee, haven't been in touch fgor a while - don't get on TF now as much as I used to, spend more time on FB. Hope things are good for you and Jan

  11. Welcome to TF! Hope you have a fun time here

  12. Hi, welcome to TF - hope you have a lot of fun here :-)

  13. Welcome to TF :-)

  14. Hi Angel, welcome to TF. Hope you have a lot of fun here

  15. Note that in the explanation, Northern Ireland is coloured orange - that will REALLY p*ss off the Nationalists as it signifies the Loyalist movement - long story involving 800 years of British colonial claims and a settlement when the Republic of Ireland became independent in 1922 but six counties in the north chose to remain as part of the UnitedKingdom
  16. Hi Ron, haven't been in touch for a while. I tend to spend more time on FB than TF these days and also I'm still not properly used to the new look TF Why am I reminded of an expression involving deck chairs and the Titanic?? hahaha

    I see from the news that Queensland has taken a bit of a pasting recently, so I'll be pleased to hear that you haven't suffered too much with the flooding and the more recent cyclone. As for the latter, BBC news speciifically mentioned Cairns as being right in the thick of it.

    Aussie cricket hasn't exactly been on top form either. OK, I know they won the ODI series but we had to let you guys salvage some pride and by the middle of this year most people will only remember the Ashes and the innings and plenty defeats in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. But Britain's sporting pride did take a hefty knock with Andy Murray losing the Aussie Open final in Melbourne!

    Let me know how things have been. All the best for now


  17. Here's a possible strategy for this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwH5Qwk5OM0 555
  18. PeterH61

    Bachelor Party. 13.11.10

    You girls need to be careful, balls don't normally react to static electricity but excessive handling has been known to trigger a sudden discharge 555
  19. PeterH61

    Rally For Sanity

    Actually Bruce, I'm a Limey! But it's a couple of centuries since we got past the sort of "yah boo rhubarb" politics currently prevalent across the pond. And the name these extremists give themselves, the "Tea Party" harks back to an event nearly 240 years ago - about the same vintage as their political philosophy, such as it is. It's at best highly ironic that they talk of reclaiming the Constitution after their own party's 8 years of unremitting attacks on the Bill of Rights in the name of their so-called "war on terror" - similarly ironic since it was instigated by the world's #1 terrorist of the last few years!
  20. They could try "Open the f***ing door you useless w**ker" and see what happens
  21. PeterH61

    Rally For Sanity

    America went insane in November 1967 when it elected Nixon - since then each succeeding Republican president has been worse by several orders of magnitude than his predecessor, culminating in the ridiculous "Dubya". And those extremists who have apparently hi-jacked the Republican party seem even worse than him. If they ever get into a position where they control all three Houses (Representatives, Senate and White) like in the period from 2000 to 2006, then the future for America and the world looks very bleak. I can only comment that Jon Stewart talks a lot more sense than we usually hear from the general direction of DC
  22. PeterH61


    Since they targeted the White House in 1988 and again in 2000, ALL Bushes terrify me :-)
  23. PeterH61

    Birthday boy

    A boy who was just coming up to his 8th birthday told his father he wanted a cowboy outfit for a birthday present. So the father bought him a block of shares in BP
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