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  1. Primetime, that's why there's a case for worldwide energy sharing
  2. There is only one animal on the planet capable of adapting the environment to its needs rather than adapting to its environment as Darwin described in "Origin of Species" (appropriate to mention him this year as it's his bicentenary). It's frigntening that this one animal consistently abuses that power We need to cut our use of polluting and costly non-renewables, costly in many ways And please let's not even THINK about increasing nuclear generation, the waste products from that will remain lethally toxic to all forms of life that we recognise as such for the next 10,000 generations (If Homo Sapiens has that much longer to live, itself a very big "if") A friend of mine is fond of commenting that when the last piece of agricultural land has been concreted over and the last stretch of river has been polluted to death, only then will those responsible realise that you can't eat money.
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