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  1. PeterH61

    Birthday boy

    A boy who was just coming up to his 8th birthday told his father he wanted a cowboy outfit for a birthday present. So the father bought him a block of shares in BP
  2. PeterH61

    I hate Monday...

    Aum, that means you have something in common with Bob Geldof (The Boomtown Rats, "Tell me why I don't like Monday") lol
  3. PeterH61


    Suk san wan Songkran to one of TF's treasures Aum
  4. PeterH61

    Minority Mobs.

    Bruce, the police had heavy sticks but they weren't BEATING the piss out of people, they were TAKING it
  5. PeterH61

    It's arrived!

    I have just one thing to say today - SUK SAN WAN SONGKRAN to all TFers, but especially to my TF friends
  6. PeterH61

    It's arrived!

    I have just one thing to say today - SUK SAN WAN SONGKRAN to all TFers, but especially to my TF friends
  7. Yes, a real Michael Flattulence - sorry that should read Michael Flatley :-)
  8. PeterH61

    How to Poop at Work

    John, you're talking s**t again!!!
  9. PeterH61

    Beckham's Jersey

    Bad day for Beckham last Weds, Man U took AC Milan apart 4-0 and put them out of the Campions League. But at least he got to wear a Newton Heath scarf :-)
  10. I'm with Gav here, nuclear is unbelievably expensive in every way, lead-in costs before any nuclear station can be put into operation, cost of storing and making (relatively) safe used nuclear fuels, decommissioning costs when the station reaches the end of its life - and that's before we even start to look at the human cost of another Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. Wind and wave power are a step in the right direction, but as David McKay (incidentally from my alma mater, Cambridge) says, what we all need to do is re-think the amount of energy we use and in particular,the amount we waste. BT
  11. PeterH61

    For the whore family

    I guess when they get dirty, then they have to go to the scrubbers :-)
  12. Some great shots there Kus but what are you doing with yesterday's technology?? Nokia?? Get a BlackBerry!!
  13. Mike, no, first season back and Michael Schumacher rammed it :-)
  14. Hey Rob, I'm happy for yopu both,but given how excited you are about it I'm beginning to wonder WHICH of you is actually pregnant. Could it be that you're on the verge of making medical history??
  15. If you're into winter sports, Chamonix is SO not the place to be right now - get yr a** over to Vancouver :-)
  16. Neung, you should DEFINITELT see a doctor, it might be nothing but it might also be serious
  17. You're not the only one but that's hardly any consolation right now. She's not worthy of you so all I can suggest is that you put her behind you and find someone who will appreciate you in the way that she clearly didn't
  18. I always understood the ultimate answer, irrespective of the question, was 42 - at least, it is according to Deep Thought in "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  19. I think it was Richard Branson who said that the best way to become a millionaire in the airline business is to start as a billionaire :-)
  20. That's got me really worried - if just having a diploma makes someone a tool of Satan, what does my Cambridge MBA make me?
  21. PeterH61

    Nipples = Yellow Card

    You just can't go on TF nowadays without seeing pictures of a couple of **** bouncing up and down - but that's enough about Admin and Rob :-)
  22. PeterH61

    My lunch today !

    I had to make do with a burger and fries today
  23. PeterH61

    Airport Rail Link

    As time has passed I've heard August '09, then December, now April '10 for the rail link to open. If it's anything like when they were building the Skytrain we'll be lucky to see it running this year :-(
  24. No suggestions what to do in Melbourne, but hope you have a gr8 time there
  25. And here I am feeling guilty about my 32mpg (average) Mercedes E320 CDI!!
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