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  1. Well, you said it Bobby :-)
  2. Personally I support the right of every person to be the person he or she is, straight, gay, bisexual, black, white, native American, Asian or incapable of putting two thoughts together but still managed to rig a national election (I refer to 2000 rather than 2008 which was better characterised as incapable of putting two thoughts together but still got the Republican VP nomination!!) The problam in practice, as expressed by George Orwell in "Animal Farm" is that "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others". Unfortunate, but still a fact.
  3. PeterH61


    You could try Thaksin Shinawatra's biographer - he must have a lot of experience at writing fiction :-)
  4. 2nd best aerobatic display team in the world - after the RAF Red Arrows :-)
  5. PeterH61

    Reputation !!!

    Nave , you don't need to worry about the jerks who write negative journals - they're saying more about themselves than about you. The only person you need to please is Nave, so don't give them the satisfaction of thinking they've got to you.
  6. I look forward to a book by Thaksin Shinawatra the same way as I look forward to the autobiographies of Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin (anyone remember him??), Osama bin Laden, Ayatolla Khomenei or last but by no means least, George W Bush. But that makes the very large assumption that all of them have enough intelligence between them to string two sentences together :-)
  7. Clarkson always did have a certain,what shallwe call it, lack of PC - I think I'll stick with my V6 diesel
  8. So back to Frankfurt Rainer - hope u had a really terrific time in LOS
  9. PeterH61

    Dead Parrot

    One of the greats - it's nearest rival is "Bigus Dickus" from Life of Brian
  10. PeterH61

    Final decision.

    Sounds like he's a sexual predator Soda, I'd say steer well clear of him
  11. PeterH61

    Call 911!!!

    Sounds like he grassed himself up - in more ways than one :-)
  12. Karma, are you turning publicist for Chez???
  13. PeterH61

    I NEED A MAN !!!!!

    Nave what (if anything) are you planning to wear UNDER the mini skirt??
  14. PeterH61

    Latest Scam on the net

    A friend ofmine wasa sociology and socialpolicy lecturer until he retired recently and was involved in a course in criminology looking at "Crimeand Organisation". In his lecture on the Russian Mafia he was fond of pointing out that in Soviet Russia (up to 1989) the same word served to describe a "businessman" and a "criminal"
  15. I can only say to picture #1 "O Draconian devil Oh lame saint" (Dan Brown) and wonder what Posh would say to #4 Wish you every happiness on your special day Kus
  16. Did they have to change the bedsheets after that??? Thanks foir sharing Rob, like you say, extremely funny
  17. PeterH61

    i got pregnant.

    My computer's definitely female - it has twin floppies and a games port where I can plug in my joystick :-)
  18. PeterH61

    If you have to choose?(2)

    Good luck with the final interview Soda BTW, if I were in your shoes - my feet would be killing me, I'm probably about 3 or 4 shoe sizes bigger than you :-)
  19. They used to own a pub close to my home and in the 80s you'd regularly see the cameras there recording a show. Like you say Iain, they never really pushed the envelope of popular music but they were an entertaining act all the same. Sorry to hear they're splitting up
  20. Happy birthday Soda, may your joys multiply and your sorrows disappear
  21. PeterH61

    AAA in VN (II)

    The seafood pho is enough to make anyone's mouth water - yet another triple A journal from Aum :-)
  22. PeterH61


    I think it was also Steven Wright who said "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous" A great wi. long may he continue to challenge our perceptions
  23. PeterH61

    SAS vs The Marines

    Heard it before Iain, but still good :-)
  24. "Make love not war" -or, translated into basic language "Don't fight, f**k" :-)
  25. They arfen't BANKERS Neung they're W**KERS I was in banking for nearly 40 years and if someone in my department had done something like that I would personally have kicked their a** out of the buildiing. As for suing them, I don't know enough about Thai banking law to help you, but in Britain you certainly could. If they have lost your account or failedto tell you about any changes then they are at fault. Make a formal complaint to the CEO of the bank
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