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  1. Actually Bruce, I'm a Limey! But it's a couple of centuries since we got past the sort of "yah boo rhubarb" politics currently prevalent across the pond. And the name these extremists give themselves, the "Tea Party" harks back to an event nearly 240 years ago - about the same vintage as their political philosophy, such as it is. It's at best highly ironic that they talk of reclaiming the Constitution after their own party's 8 years of unremitting attacks on the Bill of Rights in the name of their so-called "war on terror" - similarly ironic since it was instigated by the world's #1 terrorist of the last few years!

  2. America went insane in November 1967 when it elected Nixon - since then each succeeding Republican president has been worse by several orders of magnitude than his predecessor, culminating in the ridiculous "Dubya". And those extremists who have apparently hi-jacked the Republican party seem even worse than him. If they ever get into a position where they control all three Houses (Representatives, Senate and White) like in the period from 2000 to 2006, then the future for America and the world looks very bleak. I can only comment that Jon Stewart talks a lot more sense than we usually hear from the general direction of DC

  3. I'm with Gav here, nuclear is unbelievably expensive in every way, lead-in costs before any nuclear station can be put into operation, cost of storing and making (relatively) safe used nuclear fuels, decommissioning costs when the station reaches the end of its life - and that's before we even start to look at the human cost of another Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. Wind and wave power are a step in the right direction, but as David McKay (incidentally from my alma mater, Cambridge) says, what we all need to do is re-think the amount of energy we use and in particular,the amount we waste.

    BTW, how many politicians does it take to change a light bulb? None, they like to keep us in the dark :-)

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