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  1. Thanks for your New Year wish Soda, hope you have a happy and prosperous 2012 in your new home xx

  2. Wannita, welcome to TF, hope you have a lot of fun here. BTW, I think you'll find that 28 September is Libra not Virgo - it's the same date as my daughter.

  3. Hey Rod, I had no idea we shared a birthday - have a good oner pal

  4. Hello dear Soda. Thank you so much for your birthday greeting, I really appreciate the kind though. Of course, it would have been more enjoyable still if you'd sent the greeting at the right end of this month - my birthday is on the 30th of May!! But I am genuinely grateful for the sweet thought

    your loving friend

    Peter xx

  5. Lovely new picture Lyna - let me know how life is treating you xx

  6. Soda, thanks for visiting and voting - I'm so lucky to have you as a friend xx

  7. Hi Jaybee, haven't been in touch fgor a while - don't get on TF now as much as I used to, spend more time on FB. Hope things are good for you and Jan

  8. Welcome to TF! Hope you have a fun time here

  9. Hi, welcome to TF - hope you have a lot of fun here :-)

  10. Welcome to TF :-)

  11. Hi Angel, welcome to TF. Hope you have a lot of fun here

  12. Hi Ron, haven't been in touch for a while. I tend to spend more time on FB than TF these days and also I'm still not properly used to the new look TF Why am I reminded of an expression involving deck chairs and the Titanic?? hahaha

    I see from the news that Queensland has taken a bit of a pasting recently, so I'll be pleased to hear that you haven't suffered too much with the flooding and the more recent cyclone. As for the latter, BBC news speciifically mentioned Cairns as being right in the thick of it.

    Aussie cricket hasn't exactly been on top form either. OK, I know they won the ODI series but we had to let you guys salvage some pride and by the middle of this year most people will only remember the Ashes and the innings and plenty defeats in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. But Britain's sporting pride did take a hefty knock with Andy Murray losing the Aussie Open final in Melbourne!

    Let me know how things have been. All the best for now


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