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  1. I thought "slutty" was a cute name for women and "moron" was manly name for men. But hey ho! Long live hecker. I would send him a thank you card, if he's in jail. lol
  2. How about the weather in North Carolina? Spring will always come and so summer.... And then a trip to BKK. It's always something good in life to looking forward to.
  3. Hello... I'm Pandorea and I am shopaholic.
  4. well, didn't think that she will be walking anywhere nearby BigC either. But that 60mill can buy some decent pairs of shoes (or a few puppies), you know.
  5. She must be so proud cuz her dada loves her that much. If I were her, here is the plan...get a man and pretend to love him. Take 65millions from dada, the guy get 5mil and I enjoy the rest.... Just to teach dada to mind his own business.
  6. Congratulations. Very beautiful pictures, sis.
  7. I don't believe in this kind. If he isn't a liar then he must be taken some drugs. He's hallucinating nothing more. IMO!
  8. So you've got 24 hours as a Thai PM. How will you use your power?
  9. How about make whorehouses legal and don't allow girls to get any education, but only poll danceing certificate. Can I just say Bullock to the Government, and hope Thai who voted for them are happy and proud.
  10. PhuaThai politician suggested poor Thai women should marry some Europians! It can't get any worse than this. I honestly don't care much about whom we marry to. It's kind of private thing and we all should have right to marry anyone we want. But I just dislike the way that Sunai suggested. He made it sounds like Thai women are disperated.
  11. Yeah doing good. Music is good and I have had a bit of success gonna take a trip back to Thailand after Xmas so came back to have a look. Yeah I miss the old TF community. Think Facebook changed it all. Good to see some old friends are still here.

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