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  1. Feeling better now, Mr. Wiseguy? :roll:
  2. Be careful, he will ask you for a blowjob :winky: with that oversized beer-stomach, the only place you can get your blowjob done is his umbilicus. :arrow: http://momento24.com/en/2009/11/10/maradona-will-have-to-defend-himself-at-fifa-for-his-outbursts/ :!:
  3. If you say so, Sir Ian, you're the "expert" :twisted:
  4. Be careful, he will ask you for a blowjob :winky:
  5. I'd say Germany will win and the debate is closed ? we said debate, not make a joke!!! quarter finals for Germany if they're lucky. :wink: They will be lucky, don't worry, more lucky as you could dream of... :twisted:
  6. Hugo

    My room number

  7. Woohoo, what a question. Checking her profile: Age / Gender 20 / Female Sexuality Bi Relationship Status Single (Looking) Ethnicity White / Caucasian Interested in Meeting Men Looking For Something Sexy Profile Created on 30 November 2009 Damn, I'm NOT in Thailand (which could be read on my profile). So who wants to take over this unique offer? :twisted: The real ID goes to the highest bid :wink:
  8. But you didn't get it from TF-news-feed. Those are still on Nov 9 Time for an update...;-)
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