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  1. Lovely new picture Lyna - let me know how life is treating you xx

  2. Hello and welcome to the new TF.


  3. Lovely pics, Vlad, but there is no Pecherska Lavra on the pics.. On first 2 pics is Volodymyrs'ka katedra (VLAD-imirski sobor, po vashemu :-D ) Anyway, if you find time to visit the Pecherska Lavra , you'll make an another good journal ;-) Thanks for sharing, missing Kyiv.
  4. What a bastard! (James, I miss you too) Voted for eagle, can't help, I love the man.
  5. Yep. Some of us became older and greener. Welcome back.
  6. *sigh* I'm like a monkey running between banannas and can't make up my mind which one I like: 3, 6, 9 or 10
  7. <<If you fall victim to this "Beer" scam and the women administering it, there are male support groups where you can discuss the details of your shocking encounter with similarly victimized men.>> How great! But wait, something is missed there <<....discuss the details of your shocking encounter with similarly victimized men while drinking the same scam, called Beer>> Or something like that.
  8. Maybe you can't win the Joeska TF Poetry Awards (that's a good news, actually), maybe you still wish a bear from irkutsk ate fedor and maybe i'm not in the mood to deal with melancholy but I like your poem. And i'm not complimenting, not today. I do like it.
  9. Green__Tea


    Thanks Marc, I just learnt something new: when someone can't breathe just poke some holes in his/her back :-D
  10. Green__Tea

    a lesson...

    That's exactly what we green rabbits do with dirt: shake it off and take a step up. We rabbits usually aren't happy on Mondays, so thanks for reminding the 5 rules, Iain_D, great story, good lesson. P.S.Nicky, did you give him 2 stars or only one?
  11. Thanks for sharing, Iain_D. If it wasn't you (and PeterH61) I would miss it.
  12. Green__Tea

    Special thanks

    Mmmmmhhh, I was just wondering: what is the shortest way to vote for my All_Time_Fav_TF B&W pic at your profile? Just curious;-)
  13. Admin, Sir, I have a question. Shouldn't kids who didn't pass a literacy test (or a reading test at least) be prohibited to join TF? Iain_D, honey, get off that Bobby's horse, she/he(?) said Shane made her tired. He made me tired. He made you tired, no?. We waste our time. I can speak 7th language aka Ciaran's language but tonight I will try to be a nice rabbit. Shane, my son, I still feel like I'm not your Mother-Father to teach you simple reading and text following but I'm gonna answer the question what bother your young and green mind. I'll tell you WHY, though *you/we* know already. Because in reality I am a 95 kg farang byatch, a happy owner of 7kg of a pure fat belly who loves eating infants for breakfast and dinner but has nothing better to do but dream about pure love, online preferably. That's WHY I promote myself here on TF forum. Now, after you squeezed the truth out of me in front of more than 55 000 members, I hope you're feeling better, O beloved son of Salic Law.
  14. famous last words... ah well, come on Barca!!! :roll: Honey, that all looks pretty wrong. ...that all looks like right NOW you're talking to yoursef with yourself...
  15. here is 1am local time and there's no way I'm gonna read your journal, Miss Super Seducer. NO WAY! I just close my eyes, copy the journal to the secret "wanna_cook" files and will look on it tomorrow when I'm on a safe distance from a fridge:-P
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