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  1. hello...Have a good trip!have someone kiss you there...lol..
  2. hmmm BKK so hotttt right now!!! wanna go to working with Bikini...every day...good reason for change Privacy policy at my work....
  3. hehe..nong'Bua again...good jop baby..jealous Rob&Bill jing jing ,some people still drinking too much ..have fun johnny.
  4. I give hime 1 vote today..soda...from 69>70 ... that be good number,right?..maybe have to learn more about kisses..how are difference between friend and bf,tell me?just want the good advise..not teaching ok!
  5. thx Ant..lol...really crazy night...my head runing around last night..
  6. ohhh,nong bua...you just learning fly..baby
  7. X_JAPAN_X

    Mexican party

    thx,gee..so crazy such funny last night..lol
  8. ohhhhhhh!!!!soda...many commentation..waa!!!
  9. wished to see you again..jaa
  10. Khop Khun Kha!!! good time...again
  11. ..WOW..so smart..
  12. X_JAPAN_X

    Happy birthday Offy!

    Happy Birthday naja offy..nice to join your party last night..see you ..lucky girl..
  13. HAPPY BD...lovely dog...so smart ..good healthy najaaa
  14. X_JAPAN_X

    My wedding photos

    Congrat!!!!!!to you both..great day and perfect pics...have a good day..take time with your life..jaaaaa
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