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  1. As for the 4s, I'm not really disappointed when you think about carrier contracts which are nearly always 2 years for iPhone. So now 3gs owners are ready for 4s and next year contracted 4 owners are ready for iPhone 5.. Seems pretty logical for a model to have a 2 year lifespan but with a feature and CPU speed bump in-between for late adopters. 4" screen would be nice but i don't want a hummer sized phone.. So something slick and edge to edge maybe, the current screen is a little too small for my eyes but the phone itself is simply gorgeous which separates it nicely from all the plastic stuff
  2. Just heard Sony pictures acquired the rights from Walter Isaacson (Job's bio) for the movie on Steve's life.. Really hope Stanley Tucci get's the later years, i think he'd do Steve a great justice.. Don't you think?
  3. Sunrise Tacos is about as Mexican as i am Muslim...
  4. Just create a simple droplet/workflow using Automator which is built into every mac... Batch image conversion tutorial is here: http://www.maciverse.com/automator-tip-of-the-week-picture-file-conversion.html Automator is pretty simple to use but tends to gather dust on most peoples mac.
  5. They should stop it because too many people die.. Having fun and getting killed are two different things entirely.. Maybe you would understand better if you have to go and identify the body of a young family member in the local morgue.. It used to be for the kids... What the **** happened?
  6. Actually it still has the largest market share, IE that is not necessarily 9.. Hard to to change the mindset of sheep. However, IE9 is getting some rave reviews but maybe too little to late. Either way i'm not interested as a mac user and quite like the Chrome user experience. Mostly for speed and simplicity..
  7. I will do the usual.. Abuse Chefsxp for 4 days straight and never leave the condo..
  8. Corruption gets harder if observed, and if observed by westerners it's simply embarrassing. Nothing more nothing less. This is just another bullshit face saving exercise from another greedy ***** who is a part of a sub species of human beings. **** em, they (the thai people) deserve this kind of governing..
  9. Whatever happens make sure you book your ticket home before Thai airways catch on to another impending scam..
  10. I see your point but i would rather be charitable to a community in need after a disaster like this than say endlessly throwing billions at countries like Africa that have accomplished jack **** to improve their own lives other than wait for handouts or have supplies stolen and redistributed by warlords. Money, maybe not but water, food and blankets, yes.. I'm already reading reports of people freezing to death in some of the makeshift camps.. To survive an Earthquake, then a tsunami but eventually be killed of exposure in a camp with no electricity or water is a cruel exit from existence.
  11. The Japanese people should be an example for us all.. I'm also impressed by the massive donations of western celebs and businessmen/woman. I wonder if the Thai elite will be so giving, but sadly nothing in the press about that.
  12. **** me i reckon we gonna have snow this afternoon.... Anyone else's ball retracting like mine?
  13. Show a Brit naked photos of his own mother and he would probably grade you on your technical ability with a zoom lens..
  14. We are total ***** when it comes to Christmas, not going to dispute that at all... However the whole water Songkran thing then three months later complaining about water shortages and droughts should certainly justify a donkey **** award.
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