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  1. Veesa

    <b>My Japan#2009

    Wow nice !!! How are you ja?? You changed your profile name? hehe, take care ka !!! P.S.....1st comment here? LOL...great !
  2. Dont worry, noo+ Unny !! There are SOOOOOOOOOOO many men/boys waiting in the line to have a date with you !! Just give them a ticket .. LOL .....tell them..be patient !! If the guy you like, he's not interested in you, what a shame...or he's blind ? oops..I am just kidding ka..you are such a sweet beautiful girl...dont waste your time na ka Hugz ja!!
  3. Been busy ka , Kusuma... but will come to peek-a-boo at you ...from time to time na ja.. LOL take care ka !! jub jub duay !
  4. I wish I could help, I am so sorry Paul !!! ~~~>,<~~~ BTW, how r u ka ?
  5. I miss Singapore as well !!! Been there few times ! How r u ja, Kusuma ? Long time no chat, hope you are doing fine !! Hugz!
  6. Veesa

    Dear Lung Samak

    Whats wrong with Samuk ar' Kusuma?? I dont follow the news in Thailand for a big while...lol
  7. I will check it out when it comes on DVD na ja, Kusuma 8)
  8. Boob job...is just like nose job ! It's fashion !
  9. Veesa

    one life in house

    Kusuma : LOL ... P'Nicky : I have been busy working ka...... ~~~^.^~~~
  10. Veesa

    one life in house

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ! I hate spider and cock...roach ! Be careful Kusuma, if he bites you, you might become spiderwoman !! Or you wanna be? LOL !
  11. Veesa

    My Banglamung trip

    greed Som-tam ! ...Look so yummy ,Kusuma Ooohh..that tyre !
  12. Veesa

    happy Birthday Sir Joe

    HBD Sergio !
  13. Veesa

    Banglamung, anyone ?

    Enjoy and have fun ja Kusuma ...!!
  14. Veesa

    A love story

    Kusuma...let me do the rose leaves thingy, ok ? gay...bi...straight...gay..bi..straight...gay...bi..straight...gay...bi..straight....gay... ...............BI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T
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