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  1. Hello Bambi, I live in Bangkok too :)

  2. Welcome to TF, Leejay


  3. ohh sorry to hear, the water come close: here on Onnut still no problem

  4. here on Onnut, all is still dry :)

  5. yoohoo, stay safe :P

  6. Geee

    after less than one hour online, she start to send messages: please check her outbox


  7. yoohooooooooooooooooooooooo


  8. Hi Snoop :D

    welcome on TF

  9. Hello Chupa

    Have a great Sunday


  10. Hi May


    have a great weekend

  11. Hello.

    nice pictures, indeed :P

  12. Geee

    I still want to add you as a friend, but you do not want to allow 55555555555

  13. Geee

    Yes, Sasie is one of the great wonders of the Universe here :

    cute and VERY smart:

    I just hope I once will meet you in REAL life




  14. Hello

    so please tell us what kind of job you are looking for: more than one person found a job on TF :P

  15. Geee

    Hi Pim

    what is up??


  16. Hi Jirapat, how are you doing??


  17. Yoo Nong, sabai dee mai??:P

  18. Thanks for the dancing blog, do not mind the replies, I hope you keep on posting :P

  19. Hey Bua, when I have a yellow tambian baan, can I get a bad-bra-gan-sang-kum too??

  20. Geee

    still awake?:P

  21. so what is your nick name??:P

  22. hey June

    how are you doing??:P

  23. Geee

    Hi Akiko

    how are you today??


  24. I Jacques, I missed you yesterday on the TF event :D

    Do you live now in Bangkok?? Where??


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