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  1. Hello Bambi, I live in Bangkok too :)

  2. Welcome to TF, Leejay


  3. ohh sorry to hear, the water come close: here on Onnut still no problem

  4. but an anaconda is not poisonous, she just hugs you, so you will like it Neung, still safe?? Or you stay now 24/24 at the hospital??
  5. here on Onnut, all is still dry :)

  6. better stay dry anyway. The Piranha's cannot get out of the water, but the crocodiles and snakes can...
  7. yoohoo, stay safe :P

  8. Geee

    after less than one hour online, she start to send messages: please check her outbox


  9. it seems that I am very lucky: no flooding on Onnut, plenty of foods and Chang beer
  10. but...but...repetition leads to success!!! lol
  11. Ciaran, he wrote from HOME, not from a bar!!
  12. and please specify that you look for a Thai national . I think here on TF or some people who speak AND French AND English
  13. Japanese company is looking for English speaking Thai staff: 1. Receptionists in a service apartment(mainly for Japanese and foreigners) salary is about 10,000-15,000B depending on experience and skill, English skill is necessary since the most customers are non Thai. It is near Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi. 2.Sales person in a estate company. Bachelor Degree Must, Business level english skill Experience in sales/marketing field is required too. Also in amata nakorn industrial estate and Japanese speaking thais are always wanted Please contact Hika-san at [email protected]
  14. Andie, I have an account too, and I could invite you, but I would n't and you know the reason why: mmm revenge tastes soo sweet!!
  15. I paid 40 bath yesterday and I am happy with my look
  16. It was Bua, but the British do not know here, so she was unidentified
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