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  1. Geee

    OVNI in LONDON sky...

    Object Volant Non Identifie
  2. anyway, it is original
  3. Geee

    OVNI in LONDON sky...

    Francois, they do not understand OVNI over here
  4. "Dixit" means she/he said, my ex girl friend told me so : it comes from Latin but is accepted in other languages too
  5. In Thailand, religion is about big business ( dixit my ex GF)
  6. it becomes a plane in the but
  7. Not with a video clip, anyway
  9. average income tax in Belgium is 35%, last time I worked I paid 50%
  10. 5555, it happened only once, about 20 years ago, and only for eqv 30.000 thb I don't even like to be a Belgian, like most Belgians, as Belgium is an historic mistake
  11. In Belgium, you do not have to pay it back
  12. it happened to me once, my employer paid my salary twice and when they saw the mistake they threatened me with a law suite, but I kept the money
  13. yoohooooooooooooooooooooooo


  14. are n't you sweet anymore??
  15. Hi Snoop :D

    welcome on TF

  16. Geee

    Old time of Thailand, 1960

    Thanks for sharing'
  17. Geee

    Old time of Thailand, 1960

    I once flew with Panam, to Hawaii
  18. Hello Chupa

    Have a great Sunday


  19. Hi May


    have a great weekend

  20. Hello.

    nice pictures, indeed :P

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