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  1. Anyway Rob, the first time is always the worst: next time you ll both know what to do, and that brain scan is not a bad thing; perhaps also an electro encephalogram?? Take care and cu soon
  2. Geee

    Say hello to my little friend

    I am in the same situation: 11th floor, one in the living room, behind the A/C, one in the kitchen; they eat my mosquito's, my ants and my spiders, so it is OK for me
  3. Thanks, you too I had a short chat with Luke this morning
  4. cooooooooooooooooool
  5. Luke just accepted my friends request on Facebook
  6. Dear Sasie, can you mobilize more thai people, for this event?? We should have at least 50% khun Thai to have the real Thai boran experience.WAW, I look forward to it!!
  7. what 99 % of farang experience here in BKK, is mumbo jumbo, the real Thailand is out there
  8. why don't we organize a home stay weekend with TF??
  9. Hi Sasie, I was there last month I think I will see all clips every day, so I can improve my Thai
  10. ok now I saw episode 1 and episode 2: waiting for episode 3 to come out
  11. 5555555555, thank you sooo much Sasie, I am addicted to this stuff: I am his number one fan now
  12. Geee

    I still want to add you as a friend, but you do not want to allow 55555555555

  13. Geee

    Yes, Sasie is one of the great wonders of the Universe here :

    cute and VERY smart:

    I just hope I once will meet you in REAL life




  14. = das macht nichts
  15. Méiguānxì, Soraya
  16. http://www.learnmandarinonline.org/
  17. Hello

    so please tell us what kind of job you are looking for: more than one person found a job on TF :P

  18. Create a lot of profiles everywhere, add your c.v., and look online. In what did you graduate?What kind of work do you prefer??
  19. Geee

    Hi Pim

    what is up??


  20. Hi Jirapat, how are you doing??


  21. Yoo Nong, sabai dee mai??:P

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