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  1. Scratch on your screen HERE and you will smell Russian Leather
  2. I Jacques, I missed you yesterday on the TF event :D

    Do you live now in Bangkok?? Where??


  3. Geee

    Jewish Bamboleo....

    LOL very "orthodox"
  4. all criminals in Law Street!
  5. Hey Froggy, indeed long time no seen see you on facebook naaaa
  6. Geee

    Lending Money

    and everybody knows my story......
  7. Geee

    The TF event tonight

    he TF events are not what they were anymore.............
  8. Geee

    How does this work?

    or you can first add him, so you can start to know him/her better weird X mas to you too
  9. Geee

    Hi Hi!! Hide away I

    but with who you went??
  10. I hope it is easier to read than the light grey font on the blue background here on TF....
  11. Geee

    America's Cup

    indeed, they fly too low
  12. Geee

    I See Dead People

    so those are not real bodies??
  13. Geee

    Sinsod 2…

    Thx Soda, I hope that you will keep on posting
  14. Geee

    what a guy want?????

    we want BEEERR!!
  15. Geee

    Surviving in Thailand

    long one but excellent, thanks!!
  16. Geee

    I knew it

    Gay bears??That must be painful
  17. Geee


    is sinsod not only when you marry a virgin??
  18. Geee

    It's Us

    new Pete Seeger's song:" Where have all the glaciers gone, long time passing?"
  19. you should not use his name in vain
  20. is it is cheeta or a shiita??
  21. I did meet two Thai guys on TF and they seemed decent blokes The brother of my girl friend is the coolestThai guy I know ! so that makes 3
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