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  1. Answer on Q2:Move outside the country?? Why? cuz i'm worthless here? No, but because it seems the mentality in Thailand for men to do it, and for women to allow it
  2. Answer on Q2:Move outside the country??
  3. Geee


    change is good, change is evolution, change is improvement
  4. good journal! Nope, even you had sex with 20 farangs you don't have farang-thai accent, you just don't! ONLY if you swallow!
  5. Geee

    Hard workers

  6. if you want to make it cheap and fast, fly Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur and come back the same day
  7. delicious but sad
  8. Geee

    Amazing kids :)

    N Korea got talent!!
  9. Geee

    Robot Cupid

  10. Geee

    It's tomorrow but....

    Eat a lot of spicy food and ginger
  11. Geee

    Past VS Future

    "Past performance does not GUARANTEE future performance" sounds better
  12. Geee

    Urgent singers needed

    4 people is not enough to make fun, so I cancelled the event
  13. Geee

    Let's Get Motivated

    I just hope the economy will get worse
  14. sorry I will not be in Thailand that day....
  15. Geee

    Urgent singers needed

    Mai pen rai , Neung, I know you love to sing perhaps next time
  16. I thought at least to find this kind of spam in the dictionary
  17. Geee

    Big Chilli

    page 69?? your head somewhere....
  18. Geee

    Why ??

    Hey, This Member has chosen not to show his/her Photo Album so dont complain
  19. Geee

    Urgent singers needed

    LP I will check tomorrow if you really signed up
  20. Dear Jee for a new member, you are very active and very usefull 55555555 Thanks naaaa ¡Õ
  21. I want to be able to spell it out, as I want to be sure they get the right message: Êá»à So suea sala a pho pheung mo mah?? Is this correct?
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