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  1. congratulations on your first posting
  2. and was Ben big enough for you??
  3. yooohoooooooooooooooooo
  4. Meet some of out TF friends in London ja Take good care of yourself naaaa
  5. Thanks for the dancing blog, do not mind the replies, I hope you keep on posting :P

  6. Hey Bua, when I have a yellow tambian baan, can I get a bad-bra-gan-sang-kum too??

  7. Geee

    Greeting from an oldie TF

    555 just kidding na jaaa, welcome back
  8. Geee

    Greeting from an oldie TF

    so now you are married (why the hell you got married anyway??) , you will delete your profile??lol
  9. there must be now about 40 wedded couples thanks to TF??
  10. Geee

    Greeting from an oldie TF

    where have you been??
  11. give it to charity: no counting fee there
  12. Geee

    still awake?:P

  13. very sweet of you, thanks
  14. Hi Tucxkie, I am great, thanks Nice to hear from you again
  15. There is a cinco de Mayo event at Charlie Brown's https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151311388268498
  16. you party animals lol
  17. I know one hotel in Railay , the Dusit, for 30.000 thb a night. Sasie than you for all this info, I guess we are both google people
  18. on the contrary, in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) they use glutinous (=sticky) rice to heal diabetes.
  19. what is obvious, that is the girls are missing on the party, so you should focus on attracting girls
  20. OK I subscribed to this blog, so I am curious about coming remarks
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