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  1. Geee
    I just learned that every 4 minutes there is a woman killed by her partner in the USA.
    Can someone calculate me when all the women in the USA are gone??
    This is dedicated to Estella, not because she is aggressive , but she wanted me to post again
  2. Geee
    We only have 4 male and 3 female singers for this Saturdays Fun Fun Fun Karaoke event,
    and we need to be with 12 to be cost efficient. Please sign up !
    Sorry, I did not find the "party emoticon"
    So girls and boys, please join in the fun.
    We will start at 7 pm and probably finish at 9 pm, except if everyone votes for one more hour
  3. Geee
    Yes ladies and gentlemen ( and all others)
    Next week Saturday we have a fun fun fun karaoke event,
    please sign up, so I can book the room

  4. Geee
    Dear Friends
    put this in your calendar
    on 27 August at 00.30 you will see Mars as the most brilliant of all stars/planets.
    Mars will be as big as the full moon and will be on a distance of 34,56 million miles from Earth.
    Next time this will happen will be in 2287, so be sure to take your camera with you
  5. Geee
    Waiting for his beer






    Kassie , a new TF member



    Nice Smile 







    In Soi Cowboy


    Thanks Ciaran, it was real fun for everyone
    sorry I had to delete some pics for one member and the video for another member
  6. Geee
    2 eggs boiling in a saucepan! 1 female, 1 male! she turns 2 him &says ' look, i've got a crack!' He replies, 'No point telling me, i'm not even hard

  7. Geee
    I was on my way and from BTS Promphong to soi 39 and I saw a new shop: Recycle.
    This is the first second hand shop I ever saw in Bangkok and they had things for babies,
    but also kitchenware and golf equipment. 
    Very good as I love to recycle
  8. Geee
    Today I went to the Belgian National Day at the Residence of the Belgian Ambassador: free food, free beer, free wine, waw, very generous as usual (sorry I could only bring one partner ). As usual there were Belgian musicians playing, Lou and Tars (Lootens). On international level they are the best, and Tars is writing a lot for US musicians.
    But nowadays Tars is living in Chiangmai and writing music for Khun Kho, the best Jazz saxophonist in Thailand. So I was talking with Khun Kho and he was a very nice person, like most Thai people, and he invited me for his next jam:
    next Monday at the Saxophone club close to Victory monument, between midnight and 2 am and he will invite Tars Lootens to play with him: this will be Jazz on a VERY high level.No I dont plan an event as probably the Saxophone will be fully loaded, but just to tell you: I 'll be there!!

  9. Geee
    LUSH – Bangkok’s Green Night Out – is back Friday the 23rd of July.
    Four months after an edition that gathered more than 600 guests, LUSH is taking place on a rooftop with a stunning view over the city.
    Six international DJs will again make this party the place to be in an exceptional setting in the heart of the Bangkok:
    - Rooftop bar: Charly T (hip hop), Celeste Siam (house), and State Radio (pop).
    - Ground floor: Mick D (club tunes), Dj Edison (tech), and Sir Jul (electro house)
    For the first time, LUSH will have the special participation of MC EM-JAY from the UK.
    For underground music lovers, the Wet Carpet will open an original third dancefloor in the hotel area under the rooftop, with the participation of Dj Florian deLux.
    Live visual performances will be provided by the Wet Carpet (video projections) and Vinni Kiniki (live graffiti).
    From 9pm to 2am – entrance 200 THB including one drink – 100 THB per beer all night long – low prices for all other drinks.
    All profits from the entrance fee will go to the building of greenhouses at the Yaowawit School in the South of Thailand, helping 140 poor children to learn about agricultural practices, reduce yearly food costs and generate profits for the school by selling organic products.
    No worries about rain: the venue has many covered areas.
    Easy access to Hi Residence Hotel through Asoke Dindaeng Rd, 1 minute away by taxi from Rama 9 MRT Station and Fortune Town, 6 minutes away from Asoke BTS Station in Sukhumvit. Tel: 026417999
    Address in Thai: âçáÃà Hi Residence, 649/1-176 ¶. ÃâÈ¡´Ô¹á´§, ´Ô¹á´§, ¡Ãا෾à 10400 â·Ã: 026417999
    This LUSH event is done in collaboration with FashionTV, with the participation of Bless Entertainment, VIP Party in Bangkok, Bangkok Nightclub Network, We Dare, and Green Networking Days.
    Remain updated about future events and join LUSH at:
    Hi Residence Hotel

    Top10 rooftop bar, 649/1-176 Asoke Dindaeng Road, Dindaeng  

    Bangkok, Thailand  
  10. Geee
    "... I was driving in the vicinity of Samsen train station when I really hit the morning commuting traffic at a set of lights. the road was running parallel with the train tracks and I was following the same direction into the heart of Bangkok. All three lanes where full of traffic and eventually we got the green light to set off. I was flagged over by a cop standing on the other side of the crossroads - along the route I was taking. He informed me that the left hand lane was for those only turning left across the tracks - not to continue straight across the junction. I pointed out that there was no sign to that effect to which he replied that the markings were painted on the road -the same one that had been covered in cars and buses tail to tail when I drew up to the lights . My protestations went unheeded and I had to pay up a 200bt fine  . The problem? I only had a 500bt note and he only had 100bt change. However, in true Thai style he winked and told me to wait. He went back into the traffic and stopped another motorist, fined him two hundred baht and added that to the 100 he already had to give me my 300bt change and waved me back out into the traffic! "

  11. Geee
    I need to send a fax to the USA: where can I find a fax service in BKK?
    Do those "post" outlets in the supermarkets do faxing?
    Or can I go to the normal post office?
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