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  1. Japanese company is looking for English speaking Thai staff:

    1. Receptionists in a service apartment(mainly for Japanese and foreigners) salary is about 10,000-15,000B depending on experience and skill, English skill is necessary since the most customers are non Thai. It is near Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi.

    2.Sales person in a estate company.

    Bachelor Degree Must, Business level english skill

    Experience in sales/marketing field is required too.

    Also in amata nakorn industrial estate

    and Japanese speaking thais are always wanted :D

    Please contact Hika-san at [email protected]

  2. The major flaw with FB is that all it does is create a circle of your existing friends. I just saw someone today, ahem a TF member, threaten to unfriend anybody who said anything that upset her. My brother just sent me a message today that anybody who is still friends on FB with his ex-wife (which he didn't even bother to announce their breakup to anybody) would be unfriended because supposedly she's using the FB streams of his friends to "spy" on him. I had someone, another TF member, tell me she wanted to unfriend me because after being tagged for the XXnth time in a video/photo I wasn't in I told her that I thought she was an attention *****. I have another "friend" who posts 50 or so status updates a day, none of them her own thoughts (usually RT or quotes from famous people), who responds to about 1% of her posts when other people reply.

    That sounds a lot like TF 555555

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