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  1. After I shared a post to my FB last night "A Chinese man sued his wife for being ugly, and won." I wanted to know more of the story if true or not this want I found out.... http://forum.canucks.com/topic/331074-chinese-man-sues-wife-for-being-ugly-and-wins/
  2. My profile here it used to have a <NO BEYOND 35> that was three years ago! I used to avoid someone that is beyond my range but then he is now my fiance lol. I dont give a **** if you are old as long as you could run a 10k with me (that's the minumum distance but it could go farther till half marathon) fortunately the fiance is more than fit enough! He even intoduced me to Gaelic Football that tested my endurance in sprinting!!!
  3. See you in Khaosan tonight Ciaran!
  4. Yessss...... Angie! hahahahahaha
  5. Originally Posted by Admin I would add that Filipinos tend to react to the changing market better than many other places (not just Thailand). When trends indicated that the US was unable to keep up with demand for nursing staff in hospitals the Philippines started cranking out nurses like crazy. They beefed up the education, incentivized women to go into nursing, and sent them off to the US to make good money. We export maids too. Fancy a Filipino in a french maid uniform? :twisted:
  6. We were surprised it was a good short chat with you.
  7. Querida

    Mrs. Brown's Boys

    Ciaran had some few laughs when we watched it. I did too but not much I need subtitles I don't understand (some of) their English.
  8. Querida

    English Teacher Needed!

    Only 25,000 Baht????
  9. Anyway... 15k baht is not much. In my mind I was hoping that you will end up having a good story.
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