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  1. It depend what made him upset. Good dress and a good romantic meal will settle everything. But in some case you better be n*de in bed I wish you luck with whatever you are doing.
  2. no dating site, but what is it? Connecting people? :?:
  3. Did you had any luck to get in contact with someone? Or to date? Or are there other reasons that you joined up? I was qurious and bored. Still found no satisfaction.
  4. I agree with you. But when there is true love, there might be an opening to improve. It is more difficult than walking away. what is wisdom???? mai roe :shock:
  5. Why is the topic about Thai vs. Farang? Are you asking if by their ethnicity certain people are more or less trustworthy? That is being beyond narrow minded. So you are comparing Thai people versus EVERY other race in the world and asking who to trust more? I am not sure of your point here. I'm sorry. When you live among the Thai, they speak in general about farang. My point is here about the culture difference and the different vieuw on life. It seems that farang think that the Thai woman go with anyone who has money and the Thai think that the farang are drunk 5 days a week and spen
  6. Difficult question I think, so many people, so many differences. Who has the reel advise for the new bees??? :wink:
  7. The overall question when you have a new gf or bf I think??? In Thai culture it is common that they lie. To ease things or not to offent, will your Thai gf never tell you that she visit the shoppingmall with a guy instead of her girlfriend. It is all about the woman. If she really want you, she will take you to her home and she might marry you. After you are married the lieing **** stops. Never ask for the past, you might divorce her. Good luck.
  8. True love is for free and has less limits. A good Thai woman buy you anything even love. :shock:
  9. mmm... what is an egoist? It is someone who ONLY care about it self and act like this. Do NOT be mistaken with an older person who is smarter then others, those can act like an egoist but in fact they are not. Real egoist are difficult to change, they have to loose all nice people before they change. Others can be helped by giving them TLC so they feel guilty and want to do something back. It's a matter of time. Do you really love me? Why? And how? What do you think I feel? So why are you so selfish? :roll:
  10. Well.... at the end it sucks anyway.
  11. is that true? Well there is a difference where the guy come from, many guys who come to Thailand are lazy and drink a lot. But I may say that the Dutch guys are very hard workers and they honour there wives a lot. Perhaps it is of the Dutch woman who can be extreem difficult.
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