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  1. Five years on....hello.


    Im fatter, greyer and have a baby now! 


    Havin in check ex the profiles of all of my old friends it seems a long, long time since any of you were on here, but in case you pop back - hello.



    1. Rhys


      And I hope you are well and living the dreams we hoped to live when we last spoke.

    2. FarangFarang


      I think we're all a little fatter and grayer :-)

  2. Rhys

    Changing Times

    A change is as good as a rest - good for TF...keep it fresh.
  3. Rhys

    Changing Times

    A change is as good as a rest - good for TF...keep it fresh.
  4. Breakofdawning-I've heard its a great movie and I'll definitely go and see it. I saw "Up" in 3D recently and it was great so i'll be trying it in that - but I don't agree with all of your comments on war. yes there have been a lot of colonising wars and greed, but I think we have moved on (largely) since 1945. I served in Iraq a few times and I can honestly say people there were not being killed. The War started for the safety of the way of life of the majority of the world. These counries (Iraq&Afghanistan) were sponsoring terrorism around the world which was killing innocent people o
  5. Q: Why did God give women orgasms? A: So that even when they're happy they can keep on moaning!
  6. I once read that when you open a bottle of champagne correctly it should sound like the sigh a woman makes when she orgasms. I wouldn't know......I've never heard it!
  7. I used my ex gf's iPhone once and forgot to log out. Later when I was playing games on it I clicked an icon I didnt recognise to see what it was - it was the note taking page....and there were passwords for my email accounts and things. I later found out tat instead of logging out when she saw I was still on hotmail she went through all my emails and got my passwords to spy on me. When I said "OK....you read mine....can I read yours?" she said no. So I asked...."look, I dont speak Thai.....let me just read emails from farang guys in your inbox". "No" she replied. She didnt last much after that
  8. This is a big problem for many people and the cause of much unneeded hurt. I am a big believer that if two people are looking for long relationships, they have to start here: 1. Know who you are and what you want for yourself 2. Know who they are and what they want for themselves 3. Communicate openly and honestly with each other. If one is in a relationship and wants to end it, I believe in doing so in as kind hearted way as possible. It won't be easy or feel good to either party, but it saves feelings, time and happiness for both. Albiet, easier said than done Bobby - I couldnt agree with y
  9. The hurricanes question is legendary!
  10. Sorry, but this is silly!! Peace out. Is that not allowed? How about serious coment then...... FOR: It is against human rights to charge a different price for people because of their place of birth. AGAINST: If you dont like it you dont have to pay more....but the point is that farang generally CAN afford it, so get over it. PS - In the EU we charge less for children and for the old.......is this not against the human rights of those in the middle?
  11. Farangs are a lot bigger than Thais though, so they do take up more space!
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