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  1. Went home to vote. Abhisits party were the only ones NOT to offer money for my or my families vote... We voted for him but he lost...WTF Thailand!!
  2. Teddy's English is beautiful even I don't understand his accent! PS. This isn't Teddy using my account..
  3. Awwww that's why you always asked if you can suck my knob....now I know...now I know!!!!
  4. เข้มแข็งนะร็อบ
  5. And will you be stamping your feet and have your fingers in your ears at the same time??
  6. Jealousy alert or what? tut tut.. You're wrong there, I speak Thai with him when I see him, I understand him clearly and can have a conversation with him.
  7. You are crazy.. lol Let's meet up soon my little sis.
  8. But her Thai is better than your English... !!!! I mean her English is better than your Thai.. na! lol
  9. Now you just lost one of your customers for the 'pay per click' site that you are going to create cos that guy must've got all da pics and vids out of your device for free.. plonker you!
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