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  1. Well there are assholes all over. Usually when somebody is deaddrunk you´re better of talking to someone else than him. This is a story from up north in Sweden deeply into the vodka belt. A friend/collegue of mine was working and had a layover and it was a saturday night. He arrived at the hotel around 10pm and as he wasent tired he went down to the bar for a beer. A lot of people at the place and most of them more or les drunk,my friend walks up to the bar and order a beer. There´s a guy beside him at the bar and he is beyond wasted. This guy leans over the bar saying something to the bartender (same language but impossible to understand for my friend) as he is leaning over a candle on the bar lits his shirt on fire. My friend tells him "hey your shirt is on fire" the guy just stare at him still unaware he is on fire. So in order to save the guy from being seriously burned my friend takes a cloth from the bar and put out the fire. The drunk gets mad and is about to hit my friend when the bartender tell him that he should thank my friend insted. The big guy start talking,again impossible to understand but he probably said thanks and he gives my friend a bearhug that would cause damage to anybody not physically fit.
  2. teh faces? wasnt it Ian laine and the blockheads lol Loved his music,Ian Dury that is Havent listened to him for quite some time guess I can drag out those old vinyl records
  3. Its said that love is in the air but apparently love is literally on you and your shirt
  4. Also check out http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/Hilarious strips
  5. Also check out http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/Hilarious strips
  6. amarone

    Only in France

    Just got home from a week of skiing in France.Good restaurants but the buttservice were as you see not up to standard
  7. amarone

    Only in France

    Just got home from a week of skiing in France.Good restaurants but the buttservice were as you see not up to standard
  8. Vive la France But I think they should ban the incredible offensive habit(the things nuns wear)
  9. sbi this would be up your alley I guess http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tIYpvlQ
  10. amarone

    another Bang Bang

    I´ll never be able to take any roadsigns serious anymore good one
  11. Dont know but I dont think it will matter it the passport is new or not. I guess most embassys have records on computers and they are bureaucrats so they´ll love if the papers are in order and filled out correctly. Good luck
  12. I would choose a different pond to swim in. Its still a reptile with a brain the size of a peanut
  13. amarone

    Unlucky bitches.....

    -16 here and the heatingsystem in my house went dead a while ago so now its 13 inside and temp is dropping. I´m in deep ****
  14. amarone

    Guide for a Virgin..

    Do women really have to ask
  15. Went back to my hotel from the nest on soi 11 a while ago and got so see all of it. Well what it all boils down to is money,bribes and openinghours. Before it used to be the same but everything took place in places like thermes right. The difference I´ve noticied are the guys selling drugs. I have been to both somalia and sudan and they really do have a different way on looking at things,I guess thoose guys that are here doing bussiness have seen a fair chare of violance in thoose two places and I would just stay away from them. I do belive a lot would go away (well not be seen on the street) if the openinghours were different. Most large cities on the world dont close their clubs until 5-7 am. Somebody is making a lot of money on this.
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