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  1. hi hi..how are you doing? I saw ur profile here.. maybe we can be good friend.


  2. Groupon has made a killing out of that........hence why they were cashed up for all those superbowl ads! Anyway from my experience in Oz with those sites is that if anything goes wrong, i.e supplier not honouring the vouchers, then don't expect any customer service. Groupon is about to start up here but am hoping their CS is better.
  3. my arsenal tonight got beat:)

  4. Just back from hospital....and yesssss 4-4 last night..was a nightmare:(

  5. So I went to bed at half time during the arsenal vs newcastle game??? I guess arseanl cruised to victory. :) hehehe

  6. Damn he is good. I wish I could do those moves in clubs!
  7. yeah biatch i thought we were already friends! feelings = hurt

  8. carz79

    Mom's Victory.

    nice ride chatty!!!!
  9. carz79

    When You Win, You Lose

    ok I'll be giving my lunch a miss today.......
  10. carz79

    I love my holiday 2010

    Singapore's a great city!!! your 7 trips there might require an 8th soon!
  11. sounds like you had more luck than when you were here in Perth!
  12. nothing wrong with a double jointed mannequin!!
  13. i bet you and karnie were so please to be wearing those awesome overalls!
  14. You sure do look familiar??? You did not happen to be in Perth a few weeks back. I was hanging out with someone who looks like you but he wasn't taking photo of himself topless. Weird! Haha I heard through the grapevine that Vlad is back on TF. Damn that means I've got to start logging on more often! Good work on the 6 pack! I've still got a keg around mine.
  15. carz79

    CHILL on the way...

    buy it all!!!!
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