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  1. awesome. congrats to both of you.
  2. ended????I don't think so. We are just getting started.
  3. Bill, if you make a video feeding jackasses....please please use some cool music. Not that **** that Teddy likes.
  4. rob, if you could merge your two profile pics into one...that would be awesome! BTW, did I mention the music in the videos sucks? Cool vids though.
  5. cool vids, but what's up with the music????
  6. ok ok....I meant in the PAST I would have sex on the first date. now I don't wait for the first date. Kidding!! a little
  7. yes. absolutely...just in case there isn't a second date. Hope D doesn't read this
  8. well what the hell am I waiting for? she promised me 15% of $5.7million US. Hey Teddy...can I borrow your bank account number?
  9. yea, but get them here on TF. strange.
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