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  1. bas1973

    Paul vs The Parakeet

    i hope MANI is right about the dutch if not let paul eat the parakeet for lunch
  2. and where are the belgium woman?
  3. bas1973


    Happy birthday
  4. nice pics thanks for sharing it thanks that some people can make it possible
  5. bas1973

    fancy event pics

    nice pic nice event
  6. asus has always a great services
  7. nice pics and see every one is happy
  8. merry christmas to you all not eat to much vrolijk kerst feest bas
  9. they should be test from 60 years i look at my dad he is 72 but he should not drive any more he will be tested every year from now on because of his sight but last time i think he was lucky to guess the right letters i think next year he will not pass the test
  10. Twas - i'll nick your quote (well no one got my previous one) "Where do you want to take the shot? In the hand or in the foot?" Cidade De Deux ! "When you first came in for breakfast, when I first saw you, I thought you were handsome...Then, of course, you spoke." As Good As It Gets Helen hunt "Just want to make sure you're ready, brother. Cuz here it is.....show me the money!"
  11. Hobbes wrote: Iain_D wrote: si6 wrote: Atwood, and i totally forgot that Tuesdays was 'friends with benefits' so i quickly.... removed the lube from the drawer and handed Atwood the spiky strap on. With an evil glint in her eye, she approached and said... ..."Wake up darling, time to walk the dog." I so desperately... tried to revive the dog that I sat on last night. It was cold and limp, so I... I put the dog in the microwave with some popcorn to pop it a life ...strange sounds are coming out......
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