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  1. Nah, tonight and tmr im partying with my friends.. Yesterday they couldnt go because they had school.. So tonight Climax and some other clubs i think
  2. lol... No, im not gay, but i just wanted to have a normal beer, and not girls asking the whole time if i want to buy them a drink.. Go Go bars are fun with a couple of friends, but not alone haha..
  3. lol thanks, but thats not what im looking for lol.
  4. Soooo im in Bangkok, and im bored. Weird right? All the people i know either have school tomorrow or on holiday. Sooo i was wondering, anybody want to catch a beer/vodka/whiskey tonight? Im currently on Sukhumvit soi 12.. Let me know !
  5. LOL @ CiaranM.. you know your full name or nickname? Tried Facebook & Google ?
  6. Chillz


    lol. so its been raining for 4 days since i have been here.. So we decided to go to bangkok instead.. Too bad there is no sun, rlly wanted to see the white beaches haha
  7. Chillz


    WOW! It looks amazing! Will definitely go there! Thanks!
  8. Chillz


    Thanks for the great tips! Really sucks the weather is bad, otherwise it would have been way more fun! Cant wait for the islands, hope its not too busy..
  9. Chillz


    I dont like to "party" alone, lol.. If im here for 2 weeks, i dont think i can spend my full time in a thai massage salon, lol..
  10. Chillz


    Hi all! So i just arrived in Phuket (patong).. And the weather is bad, like no sun at all.. So we were wondering, what we could do besides; - Go Go Bars - All the islands (we are going there soon). - Buying fake **** - Playing Golf (going to do that too soon) - Fishing (going to do that too soon) I am with a friend and his girlfriend.. We are here for 2 weeks, and are tired of all the shopping vendors, suit places etc (ITS SO ANNOYING, haha).. I personally love nightlife, but my friends are a boring couple, so they dont like that.. And i have no-one else to go with.. So does anyone have any idea what we can do? (remember the bad weather) Looking forward to your reply's..
  11. Im 20 and 1.85m haha
  12. Thanks for your great posts! Love the photography idea, i might do that! The thing is, all the things you say you can do, its not something you do daily, haha.. Im a young entrepreneur who just want to have fun.. I have several friends in Bangkok, but they all have school during the week etc, so i cant hang out with them everyday.. I have been to pattaya once, but that wasnt really it for me, a little too much haha.. I love to party, meet people etc, so the night life will be covered So i guess i have to stay home/at the hotel, and just do my work like i do in Amsterdam..
  13. OHH! And the most important thing is, i need a place with the fastest internet available.. Internet is my work, and i cant work with that crapy 1mbit download speed which everyone has..
  14. Hi all, Since most of you know by now, i've been in bangkok twice, and going back around June.. The thing is, both times i was ****ing bored during the day/night (mostly day). Since i am a foreigner, the only thing i know that i can do is shop and go out.. After 3 days, thats kinda boring (except the going out part, haha).. So do you guys have any tips on what i can do? Im an entrpreneur in holland, and i only work when i want to, haha.. so i need to do things..
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