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  1. He asked for a place that does western style food so I gave a suggestion.
  2. Jools bar on Sukhumvit Soi 4.
  3. I big bucket of icey cold water needs thrown over you sir!
  4. I really hope Marquez beats him.
  5. Who cares? Like people have mentioned earlier on in the thread, it's a fashion accessory. If you don't like them, don't go for women with them! Simple as!
  6. I agree with this to a certain extent. In situations where somebody takes another persons life then i think they should pay for this with their own. But what peopl have to take into consideration is that, for some, death might be an easy way out for the crime they have done. Prison in Thailand i would consider a punishment but in alot of other countries around the world alot of criminals prefer being imprisoned than being on the streets, as in some countries it can be like being on holiday! But then you have the point that goverment taxes that the PUBLIC pay go towards keeping these criminals
  7. 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Pulp Fiction 3. A Clockwork Orange 4. Dead Mans Shoes 5. Dusk Till Dawn 6. Reservoir Dogs 7. Tombstone 8. Scarface 9. Godfather Pt 1 + 2 10. Mississippi Burning ...To name a few, the list goes on!
  8. Did you enjoy em? How about a marco review? Schindlers List i have seen many moons ago, an absolute classic. Rendition i would recommend to anybody, i struggle to find new movies these days that i enjoy but this one has a great twist. I won't say anymore incase i get carried away and spoil things for everyone!
  9. Rendition and Schindlers List were watched by me on the weekend.
  10. I have heard stories about the Thai police but have never had any problems myself any of the times i have stayed in Thailand. Only time i have ever even spoken to one of the boys in brown was when i played him at pool. Now the Guardia Civil in Spain... The most corrupt, uneducated police force i have ever experienced.
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