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  1. There is (are)... more options.....try getting on with yourself.......first Agree. Best advice yet. Thanks.
  2. 10MB a sec. I'm on online tutor teaching students in Taiwan....so lonely.... I checked with msn blocker it says 'not in contact list; (for ex) He has deleted me? Never see him online but when I call to ask him he can be online to chat to say...What now? How is that possible if not in contact list? Messenger plus also tells me the same.'not in contact list' Will I ever find 'the one'?
  3. This is Goodghost (The Original) MOD pls contact me about getting my old password back - my computer was hacked. & I got wiped out Can't access hotmail Thailand friends etc.... I was in a serious relationship with a guy who I adored & gave my heart to.He's 22. & we had been together for a year. we moved to a townhouse & spent quite alot of my money renovating it. we've got 3 cats & 2 Huskies & a good life. After conecting the internet.3 MB with Triple BB broadband we decided to upgrade to 10MB. The call center guy fell in love with my guy & won his heart. My guy (Sung) would go to the gym & always come home around 9.30pm but it was getting later & later. 10.30...then there were days when he said he would visit his Dad but didn'..he stayed with the other guy.(Golf) even went on a 3 day trip to Korat & switched off his phone. I was so distraught I thought he had been in an accident. On our one year aniversay 27th Sept, he said things like you'll be ok..sing a song I gotta go my own way...even cried. Then in the evening we ate ice cream but he spilt some on his shirt so I bought him a new one then he pretended he had to pick up something from his friend. in order to cheat on me. How can an internet company let their employees destroy peoples lives & hearts,. I don't know what to do. Should I complain to 3BB? Wait....or... I'm living alone here in a house of pain & hurt. He's living with his new boyfriend now since last Saturday comes home suddenly to pack clothes but leaves his Apple laptop....& other stuff. He told me to wait for him 2 months 3 months...6 months it changes everyday .They work together now as well. He got him a job at call centre where he works.. What to do???? :cry:
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