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  1. I reckon the prospect of Iain gaining the ability to commit people is a whole lot scarier than anything the film industry is capable of producing. Now that's some scary ****.
  2. Keep on digging that hole. :roll: Doesn't this comment belong on the English_Rob what to do on a sunday afternoon thread mate? Anyway, I'd love to spend some time with SweetieBabie.
  3. Epilogue. Admin walks into the room and surveys the damage. He turns to Iain and says.... (Yes, it's a bit too Streets of San Fransico, but...)
  4. can I pull it for you instead?? :wink: Ok mate. But I'm ticklish...
  5. What you need love is the latest in girl bits hair puling technology; the patented SkyShan (patent pendng), p*ssy hair removal tool. Not only does it remove those unsightly, unwanted hairs that you girls don't like, but it also ensures a rosy afterglow. (And it looks a bit like me. But don't let that put you off.)
  6. Ohhhh... I shouldn't laugh...
  7. Well mate, if it's all sorta tangled up and twisted up together that you have to kinda prize it apart beforehand, I have to agree with you. But a bit of soft fluff on your nose is nice too. And nice to fall asleep on afterwards.
  8. Advice may appear in various guises and online gameplay may vary from that advertised. AKA : time to put your bigboy pants on... or don't go out after dark :twisted: Good one. Especially not on those Chang Mai beaches.
  9. You forget mate. He is quite tall. I've met very few people in my life that I've hated. I've met even fewer that I'd wish dead. But, I've met maybe 1 or 2 that I'd be wiling to face a firing squad over. And, then, I've met this arsewipe.
  10. The simplicity of mere existence mate. Good call.
  11. did ya woke up with a hairy dude laying next to ya? Uh-oh we forgot about Missy K... He's dead meat now...RIP who is missy k? Landing strip Missy K? (* .*) ) ( ( . ) ( . ) ) . ( v (Poo - formatting all pear shaped.) Don't worry, Van Gogh... Speak up mate, I can't hear you! Moving swiftly on, however, a little bit of fluff is nice.
  12. What does it all come down to? Money? Love? A quicky? The future? Kids? Ever meet anyone and know just exactly what they're all about? They want money. He wants acceptance. She wants love, but only in a rich, handsome package? She doesn't know what she wants. What does it all boil down to for you? In 100 years you'll all be dead. Guaranteed. Sorry. What is important for you between now and then?
  13. Sukhumvit Soi 11 and after serving top-quality Mexican food to Bangkokians for over 18 years is one of the most enduring and popular foreign-owned restaurants in the country. "Phew," said Bob, "I'm glad those two women didn't want to use that cup for..." shoving my face into after I came close to crossing the line." Just then, PiAnt walked in and said "move on, nothing to see here unless you... ...are a ****. Mums and sisters aren't fair game. However, moving swiftly on, he remarks at just how well...
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