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  1. Two nuns riding bicycles down a cobbled street. One turns to the other and says "I've never come this way before. Have you?"
  2. According wiki answers the 16-25 age group have the most accidents and fatalities. So I reckon we should start by banning all nippers from driving
  3. I don't know what's going on, but I'm bloody infuriated! :x
  4. Thai things that bother others, but you love. The people I work with are really bothered by the local driving style, but i love it! I love that "drive it like you stole it" mentality. What things do you like that seem to infuriate others?
  5. Knocking someones teeth out on the gridiron isn't proper football? Come on Johnny expand your world a bit... be inclusive... this proper attitude is what gave us problems in 1776 -> North Carolina -- Duke (proper football ) -->Dortmund - Dusseldorf 1776? You've been watching football for quite awhile then! Who was it? Millwall and West Ham? Cardiff and Swansea? Oh, I Know. Rangers and Celtic.
  6. LakeGeneve-Are you Austrailian? You could try some of this language on your sheep, next time your on the job:lol:
  7. swetiebabie are you from Lopburi? you seem to know the score :shock:
  8. Sorry, but where I come from we've got four. The two you use for looking, the one that's always dripping :cry: and the brown one in the rear. Maybe I've had too much to drink.
  9. Eagle-"My last little league game" No you know Dave Beckham and who have you.
  10. No, you use your hands more than your feet. In proper football, they actually use their feet to move the ball round. plus there's no banging helmets together either.
  11. "Another ******* ***** that was good with a ******* fucker man!!! I hate this country, no love!!! what the hell!!!" This is a quote from a French bird that i know. This is her reaction upon hearing of the Lopburi incident.
  12. So you've heard quite a few say it in the throws of passion or what? or are you a fruit vendor?
  13. "à ÊÕÂÇÃÒ¡" this is the one i like to hear!
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