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  1. Happy Loy Kratong day!!! ^^

  2. Thank you everyone for the many Birthday wishes! Love you all!

  3. Hello!! Enjoy your weekend!!! ^^

  4. Hey there long time no chat hope you are well :)

  5. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. lol, next time I go bowling, I'll try to get a pic for you hahaha

  7. Thanks for your kind words. Can I have that fish ^^?

  8. thank you for your kisses

  9. Hi...nice to see u ^^

  10. Better late than never Anny! Seen any good movies lately you can recommend for me?

  11. You were right on this call! Couldn't have scripted two better, closer, Div playoff games. It came down to two plays, the dropped TD pass to Raven WR and the SF fumbled kickoff in OT on the 20 yard line leading to the Giants winning field goal. Take away those plays and it's Ravens vs. SF. It will be a good rematch, hoping Giants win though!

  12. You manage 40 people for a body piercing business? Didn't realize it was such a big biz there, wow! No wonder no one has money to visit the USA, Thai's spending all their money on piercings! LOL!

  13. i know it's too late to reply for 4 months later. Have a great weekend to you too take care

  14. I'm working for body piercing jewelry business here...I have to control at 40 ppls everyday :) Kind of good fun but lots of headache too...

  15. So you manage a customer relation staff for what business? For me I'm in Outside Sales for a large pest control company.

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