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  1. If there is something that wouldnt exist on TF forum is "KrengJai", Mister.
  2. Sometime guys say "Ka" instead of "Krup" to show that.. he is such a sweet guy and want to take care of you for the rest of his life!!! hahaha Like.. being sweeter, softer and nicer to you.. Or it could be like big brother talks to his little sister.. things like that. Not always means that they are gay..
  3. Left handed guys are sexy. And not all of them are gay. Some might like it up their ass but not all of them.
  4. Agree about Songkran though, and yet again old Songkran from the beginning wasnt really like Songkran nowadays.
  5. Okie, now I learned about.. what did you call it?.. ahhh "Western humour" And I found out that it wasnt funny. I didnt laugh at any points of your post. Or maybe it is just me..
  6. The 100% American is 99% idiot - George Bernard Shaw
  7. Well, sometime people choose to see what they want to see. 1) X'Mas for you people.. Let's spend **** load of money and cherish the materialism idea. Btw, it was actually banana trees in the old days, we used. Things changed when time passed by. Ps. tongue in cheek? I would prefer tougue in my a**hole.
  8. SoBeIt

    F Yeah!

    This is what I got after putting my own last name .... **** .... Not fair.. now they found one!!!!
  9. Kiss you butt... Muahhhhh xxx ;)

  10. You dont need to marry a guy(s) to get a cute baby anymore. Sperm bank is the answer.. You can choose guys from their profiles. (Raise, education etc...) But poor kids I would say.. It's such a selfish thought to have baby just for your own sake.
  11. From another side of the world. It weirds for me to see when the son has an arguement with his mom and telling her that she is such a retard and she should go to hell. That's new for me.
  12. What do I get after I give you a kiss?!!!!

  13. "Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?"
  14. “Glue... very powerful stuff." -The Blues Brothers
  15. That hurts.. such a real turn on.
  16. You **** stinks! Try to wash your ass better next time!

  17. Esp when they are almost cumming. With their sound and face expressions. That's very lovely.
  18. I like that. Cut the crap and be honest. By the way, education is important.. you know..
  19. Ask him if he wanted to have a quickie?
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