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  1. hi nice to meet you sorry for long delay in reply i havent been to this site in a long time....how are you?

  2. by the way, what a piece of **** the new format is!!!!

  3. bwahahahaha Im baccccccckkkkkkkkkk hehehe how are ya?

  4. ben_usa

    A boring Friday.

    good old school tunes
  5. 5. English teachers - can't afford the monthly internet bill. (thought I'd be nice and save the English teacher bashers the time and effort). :shock:
  6. Aye....agree. Or in Dannos case. +1 :wink: teddy...how did I get involved here???? (having a nice trip to two Incinerators in Texas and Arkansas...I should invited a few lively lasses too!!) wait KLP with Kunny & Missy - Missy :shock: In this case, Viagra is a must.. :winky: ^ ^ ^ Health check before taking Viagra, you don't want an old sag poop drops dead on you, huh? Kind of doubt the world would miss one more :shock:
  7. wow warn me to eat after seeing something like this next time
  8. http://www.hollywoodmemoir.com/celebrity-deaths Paul Dedrick Gray (April 8, 1972 – May 24, 2010), also known by his number #2, or "The Pig", was an American musician best known as the bassist of the Grammy Award winning rock band Slipknot. Death of Paul Gray On May 24, 2010, The Des Moines Register reported that Gray had been found dead at a room in the Town Plaza hotel in Urbandale, Iowa. He is survived by his wife Brenna. He and his wife were expecting their first child at the time of his death. His autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, May 25th, as cause of death is unknown.
  9. http://men.webmd.com/news/20030221/mad-cow-scare-linked-to-blood-shortage
  10. DJTX is correct it is due to mad cow disease same rule applies to blood donations in the States.
  11. This is actually not out of CNN's character at all. They have always been known as a very liberal news organization and quite frankly, they choose their news reporting based on this point of view. I have no doubt they have access/footage of both points of view but choose to show and report what they do because of their political leanings. I would expect no response from them as they already know exactly what they are doing.
  12. Maybe they both virgins and both afraid to make first move, porno or not.
  13. Sounds like the closet homo that goes around gay bashing
  14. And "democracy" and "politics" is somehow better in "western" nations? Keep on telling yourself that and maybe you might believe it some day.
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