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  1. Boog has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 30%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  2. You know the story, dreams are free until you try to turn them into reality PiAnt is beginning to look a little more attractive now, eh? :twisted: I could make it, just need a wig and a loooot of alcohol
  3. Boog


    ooooh seems like you'll never try my stip dinners (luckily for you? me? both of us?) f*ck it, i go to McDonald's
  4. You know the story, dreams are free until you try to turn them into reality
  5. Do your invites for women to attend a dinner party at your house read, "dress: bikini or clothing optional"? yeah i call this a strip dinner, take off one clothe each time you put something in your mouth (not necessarily food) Any candidate?
  6. Boog

    Singing to a donut

    this haircut should be forbidden, if i close my eyes it's quite good....but still...
  7. what's wrong with elephants in harcore gonzo? i'm actually a director/producer, if you're interested...
  8. lol, good try but if you want the pasta (and all the rest) you'll have to look like this, and it's not negociable
  9. Well, if you're cooking like that every night. I'll give it a go. Are you ok with plastic surgery?
  10. Boog


    I vote for Somali pirates, definitely
  11. Boog

    Koh Samui - Koh Tao

    nice pix!
  12. I'm one and I feel pretty good with it (not english but I think it's the same for all languages) I can see a kind of respect for teachers here, that has faded away long ago in my country. Thais still see teachers as people giving knowlege and deserving respect for that. But true, there are some sh*t foreign teachers here...hope they won't f*ck this up... (btw, money is not that bad, in corporate training anyway :wink: ) but i voted 3 because i can see myself in :twisted:
  13. Penne alla calabrese with extra bacon and parmesan! Who wants to marry me?
  14. Voted no1, congrats to the winner! I'll try again next time 8)
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