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  1. That first one's the killer.
  2. Another mystery solved. Move along please, nothing to see here.
  3. FORM AN ORDERLY QUEUE, PLEASE! Bloody rabble pushing and shoving just wait your turn.
  4. Anyone who can get 3 interestings in a single sentence deserves help - in which case... Yes! You are posting in the wrong sub forum. You should be in the daft tw*t sub-section of random inanity. No, no thanks necessary.
  5. I agree with frenchfarangbkk. Seems like a well rounded individual.
  6. Nice to meet both of you. Still haven't gotten my head around shopping yet, but I'd recommend restaurants for food. Stay safe.
  7. Dude there are billions of people born into poor circumstances, who would benefit from living elsewhere. It's the crappy nature of this particular rock. If you want to get out from the rut you're in, find a way to study and improve your worth - many countries welcome people who can contribute to their societies.
  8. I was beginning to think you wouldn't get back on that one.
  9. Currently enjoying Dirt Rally.
  10. Where's the poll?
  11. Wat phra kaeo - pay your money and move along please. Nothing to see here. Wat Arun - Much better option than the tourist trap above. Wat Pho - Another tourist trap but this time with bird ****. crocodile farm - 20B for Thais 300 for tourists because "they have money" safari world - animal mistreatment in real time national theatre(cultural show) - Thai dance snake farm - as crocodile farm national museum - not much to see here try traditional Thai food - Silpakorn and Chulalong universities - shopping (of course) parks Traditional Thai massage Night clubs or disco's I also just want to walk around and see, hear and feel Thailand. How the people live in Thailand. How conjested are the streets of Bangkok? I want to see for myself, firsthand. I didn't list the most important thing that i'd love to do. To put it in a nutshell, I want to meet all of the friends i've made here at TF. This is what i'd like to do, and look forward to the most. How was it?
  12. Plagiarist! [ATTACH=CONFIG]120477[/ATTACH]
  13. Free the god damned panda ffs. It's an animal. It's not diplomacy and anyone who's seen it on tv would agree, it's not entertainment either.
  14. Football managers, eh? Pretty much the most useless entities on earth after politicians. G' aaaaaaarn with yer Ferguson yer wanker.
  15. You sick bastard.