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  1. OK I'll give it a shot. Don't be surprised if you find yourself buying a Fortuner shortly... (Do you mind if I call you Shortly?)
  2. So, the question on everyone's lips (if everyone is still around), did you make anything out of purchasing TF, or (seeing as you're still supporting it), is it a labour of love? (Please ignore the lady.) (Edit: typo)
  3. PiAnt


    Use a picture editing program to resize (as Admin says), or degrade the quality until the saved image is of the permitted size. No Indian willy pics.
  4. Love that song "Wasted New Yorker."
  5. I had AIS Fibre at my house in Buriram. Great, consistent speed at all hours and relatively good service when inevitable issues occurred - storms and what have you - but I'm currently in Rayong, away from home (having cancelled my AIS contract in the meantime), and we have 3BB at the temporary residence. The upload and download speeds advertised were faster than the AIS Fibre but, in reality, the bandwidth is shared among the houses in the vicinity, and rarely reaches anywhere close to what was advertised, regularly "buffering" even on youtube. If you're looking at options, and considering 3BB over AIS Fibre, I would suggest that you choose AIS. It's just better. (Comment available for sale or deletion for just B 9,999.00 - 10% off in June 2020.)
  6. How many families are we talking about? Do you require "arse out" facilities? Who is A. Bunch? There are important question Wei - we're here to help.
  7. Could you expand on how exactly the perp obtained a new sim using false credentials? For my own personal safety, of course.
  8. Good question from a bloke I have never met, and I have to say yes. Good spot.
  9. How much is 200 baht in dollars now?
  10. Mothers and their teaching, eh? Speaking Thai nearly fluently isn't an actual thing, no. How's calling people "Halfies" working out for you?
  11. It's all gone quiet on this. I bet that Sajjad got the job and is keeping mum about it - I'm always ready he said. Bastard.
  12. "White Bloods Only!" "Form an orderly queue please." "Stop pushing at the back!"
  13. To clarify, what you want is someone to spend their time and money trying to sell your **** for free. And, on the remotest chance that they might, you will pay them something. But, there's a full-time job on the horizon just so long as they can generate enough sales to support their salary. I assume you know it's illegal to employ a foreigner without a work permit? How about their taxes? Social Security? Or are you just being a **** trying to get people to work for you for nothing? Selling your crap? Which is it? Illegal work or being a ****? Yes, I thought so. Now *** off and don't show your skanky, cheap-ass face in here again or I'll have you flogged THEN arrested.
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