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  1. PiAnt

    Thailand Visa News and Updates

    How much is 200 baht in dollars now?
  2. PiAnt

    Thai's Around The World, Help Please?

    Mothers and their teaching, eh? Speaking Thai nearly fluently isn't an actual thing, no. How's calling people "Halfies" working out for you?
  3. PiAnt

    Personal Assistant needed

    It's all gone quiet on this. I bet that Sajjad got the job and is keeping mum about it - I'm always ready he said. Bastard.
  4. PiAnt

    Falang in Trad

    "White Bloods Only!" "Form an orderly queue please." "Stop pushing at the back!"
  5. To clarify, what you want is someone to spend their time and money trying to sell your **** for free. And, on the remotest chance that they might, you will pay them something. But, there's a full-time job on the horizon just so long as they can generate enough sales to support their salary. I assume you know it's illegal to employ a foreigner without a work permit? How about their taxes? Social Security? Or are you just being a **** trying to get people to work for you for nothing? Selling your crap? Which is it? Illegal work or being a ****? Yes, I thought so. Now *** off and don't show your skanky, cheap-ass face in here again or I'll have you flogged THEN arrested.
  6. PiAnt

    Anyone want to have your own place in Bangkok?

    I wouldn't mind a place. Is it possible to get it for free? You'd be doing me a huge favour, and getting yourself lots of merit for your lovely goodness. Thanks
  7. And selling it to the Russians for massive wads of cash!? Notice how you've never seen Admin AND Zuckerberg in the same place at the same time!? I rest my case.
  8. PiAnt

    Time wasters for hire.

    Licensed & experienced time-wasters for hire. Need to re-advertise that stubborn to move item, but don't want prospective purchasers to think you just can't shift it? Time to call in the experts. Our professional time-wasters will attend at your designated location and sincerely pretend to buy, pulling out at the last moment (or at any pre-determined juncture of your choosing), leaving you free to re-advertise "due to time-wasters'. *** Time limited Offer *** For a limited time only, 1 free tire-kicker provided for each time-waster (conditions apply). Only B1,990 (normal price 3,990 - does not include travel expenses to your location). *** Book Early! ***
  9. That first one's the killer.
  10. PiAnt


    Another mystery solved. Move along please, nothing to see here.
  11. PiAnt

    Teaching Thai in Sydney

    FORM AN ORDERLY QUEUE, PLEASE! Bloody rabble pushing and shoving just wait your turn.
  12. PiAnt

    Hi, I'm from usa, new to forum

    Anyone who can get 3 interestings in a single sentence deserves help - in which case... Yes! You are posting in the wrong sub forum. You should be in the daft tw*t sub-section of random inanity. No, no thanks necessary.
  13. PiAnt


    I agree with frenchfarangbkk. Seems like a well rounded individual.
  14. PiAnt

    Friends in Thailand

    Nice to meet both of you. Still haven't gotten my head around shopping yet, but I'd recommend restaurants for food. Stay safe.